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Data Sets and Supplemental Functions from 'OpenIntro' Textbooks and Labs

absenteeismAbsenteeism from school in New South Wales
acs12American Community Survey, 2012
age_at_marAge at first marriage of 5,534 US women.
amesHousing prices in Ames, Iowa
ami_occurrencesAcute Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) Events
antibioticsPre-existing conditions in 92 children
arbuthnotMale and female births in London
ArrowLinesCreate a Line That may have Arrows on the Ends
askHow important is it to ask pointed questions?
associationSimulated data for association plots
assortive_matingEye color of couples
avandiaCardiovascular problems for two types of Diabetes medicines
AxisInDollarsBuild Better Looking Axis Labels for US Dollars
AxisInPercentBuild Better Looking Axis Labels for Percentages
babiesThe Child Health and Development Studies
babies_crawlCrawling age
bacBeer and blood alcohol content
ball_bearingLifespan of ball bearings
bdimsBody measurements of 507 physically active individuals.
BGAdd background color to a plot
biontech_adolescentsEfficacy of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on adolescents
birdsAircraft-Wildlife Collisions
birthsNorth Carolina births, 100 cases
births14US births
blizzard_salaryBlizzard Employee Voluntary Salary Info.
booksSample of books on a shelf
boxPlotBox plot
BracesPlot a Braces Symbol
buildAxisAxis function substitute
burgerBurger preferences
calc_streakCalculate hit streaks
cancer_in_dogsCancer in dogs
cardsDeck of cards
cchousingCommunity college housing (simulated data)
CCPPlot a Cartesian Coordinate Plane
censusRandom sample of 2000 U.S. Census Data
cherrySummary information for 31 cherry trees
children_gender_stereoGender Stereotypes in 5-7 year old Children
chinaChild care hours
ChiSquareTailPlot upper tail in chi-square distribution
cia_factbookCIA Factbook Details on Countries
classdataSimulated class data
cle_sacCleveland and Sacramento
climate70Temperature Summary Data, Geography Limited
climber_drugsClimber Drugs Data.
coast_starlightCoast Starlight Amtrak train
COLOpenIntro Statistics colors
contTableGenerate Contingency Tables for LaTeX
corr_matchSample data sets for correlation problems
country_isoCountry ISO information
cprCPR data set
cpuCPU's Released between 2010 and 2020.
creditsCollege credits.
CT2DFContingency Table to Data Frame
daycare_finesDaycare fines
densityPlotDensity plot
diabetes2Type 2 Diabetes Clinical Trial for Patients 10-17 Years Old
dlsegmentsCreate a Double Line Segment Plot
dotPlotDot plot
dotPlotStackAdd a Stacked Dot Plot to an Existing Plot
dreamSurvey on views of the DREAM Act
drone_bladesQuadcopter Drone Blades
drug_useDrug use of students and parents
duke_forestSale prices of houses in Duke Forest, Durham, NC
ebola_surveySurvey on Ebola quarantine
edaPlotExploratory data analysis plot
elmhurstElmhurst College gift aid
emailData frame representing information about a collection of...
email50Sample of 50 emails
env_regulationAmerican Adults on Regulation and Renewable Energy
epa2012Vehicle info from the EPA for 2012
epa2021Vehicle info from the EPA for 2021
esiEnvironmental Sustainability Index 2005
ethanolEthanol Treatment for Tumors Experiment
evalsProfessor evaluations and beauty
exam_gradesExam and course grades for statistics students
examsExam scores
exclusive_relationshipNumber of Exclusive Relationships
fact_opinionCan Americans categorize facts and opinions?
fadeColorFade colors
family_collegeSimulated sample of parent / teen college attendance
fastfoodNutrition in fast food
fcidSummary of male heights from USDA Food Commodity Intake...
fheightsFemale college student heights, in inches
fish_oil_18Findings on n-3 Fatty Acid Supplement Health Benefits
flow_ratesRiver flow data
fridayFriday the 13th
full_body_scanPoll about use of full-body airport scanners
gdp_countriesGDP Countries Data.
gear_companyFake data for a gear company example
gender_discriminationBank manager recommendations based on gender
get_it_dunn_runGet it Dunn Run, Race Times
giftedAnalytical skills of young gifted children
global_warming_pewPew survey on global warming
googGoogle stock data
gov_pollPew Research poll on government approval ratings
gpaSurvey of Duke students on GPA, studying, and more
gpa_iqSample of students and their GPA and IQ
gradestvSimulated data for analyzing the relationship between...
gsearchSimulated Google search experiment
gss20102010 General Social Survey
healthcare_law_surveyPew Research Center poll on health care, including question...
health_coverageHealth Coverage and Health Status
heart_transplantHeart Transplant Data
heliumHelium football
helmetSocioeconomic status and reduced-fee school lunches
hfiHuman Freedom Index
histPlotHistogram or hollow histogram
houseUnited States House of Representatives historical make-up
housingSimulated data set on student housing
hsb2High School and Beyond survey
husbands_wivesGreat Britain: husband and wife pairs
immigrationPoll on illegal workers in the US
IMSCOLIntroduction to Modern Statistics (IMS) Colors
infmortrateInfant Mortality Rates, 2012
ipoFacebook, Google, and LinkedIn IPO filings
ipodLength of songs on an iPod
jurySimulated juror data set
kobe_basketKobe Bryant basketball performance
labor_market_discriminiationAre Emily and Greg More Employable Than Lakisha and Jamal?
law_resumeGender, Socioeconomic Class, and Interview Invites
leg_mariLegalization of Marijuana Support in 2010 California Survey
linResPlotCreate simple regression plot with residual plot
lizard_habitatField data on lizards observed in their natural habitat
lizard_runLizard speeds
lmPlotLinear regression plot with residual plot
loans_full_schemaLoan data from Lending Club
london_boroughsLondon Borough Boundaries
london_murdersLondon Murders, 2006-2011
loopOutput a message while inside a loop
lsegmentsCreate a Line Segment Plot
mail_meInfluence of a Good Mood on Helpfulness
major_surveySurvey of Duke students and the area of their major
makeTubeRegression tube
malariaMalaria Vaccine Trial
male_heightsSample of 100 male heights
male_heights_fcidRandom sample of adult male heights
mammalsSleep in Mammals
mammogramExperiment with Mammogram Randomized
marathonNew York City Marathon Times (outdated)
mariokartWii Mario Kart auctions from Ebay
mcu_filmsMarvel Cinematic Universe films
midterms_housePresident's party performance and unemployment rate
migraineMigraines and acupuncture
militaryUS Military Demographics
mlbSalary data for Major League Baseball (2010)
mlbbat10Major League Baseball Player Hitting Statistics for 2010
mlb_players_18Batter Statistics for 2018 Major League Baseball (MLB) Season
mlb_teamsMajor League Baseball Teams Data.
mn_police_use_of_forceMinneapolis police use of force data.
MosaicPlotCustom Mosaic Plot
mtlMedial temporal lobe (MTL) and other data for 26 participants
murdersData for 20 metropolitan areas
myPDFCustom PDF function
nba_heightsNBA Player heights from 2008-9
nba_players_19NBA Players for the 2018-2019 season
ncbirthsNorth Carolina births, 1000 cases
normTailNormal distribution tails
nuclear_surveyNuclear Arms Reduction Survey
nycflightsFlights data
nyc_marathonNew York City Marathon Times
offshore_drillingCalifornia poll on drilling off the California coast
openintro_colorsOpenIntro colors
openintro_colsFunction to extract OpenIntro IMS colors as hex codes
openintro-packageopenintro: Data Sets and Supplemental Functions from...
openintro_palReturn function to interpolate an OpenIntro IMS color palette
openintro_palettesOpenIntro palettes
opportunity_costOpportunity cost of purchases
orings1986 Challenger disaster and O-rings
oscarsOscar winners, 1929 to 2018
outliersSimulated data sets for different types of outliers
penelopeGuesses at the weight of Penelope (a cow)
penetrating_oilWhat's the best way to loosen a rusty bolt?
penny_agesPenny Ages
pew_energy_2018Pew Survey on Energy Sources in 2018
photo_classifyPhoto classifications: fashion or not
piracyPiracy and PIPA/SOPA
playing_cardsTable of Playing Cards in 52-Card Deck
PlotWLinePlot data and add a regression line
pm25_2011_durhamAir quality for Durham, NC
pokerPoker winnings during 50 sessions
possumPossums in Australia and New Guinea
ppp_201503US Poll on who it is better to raise taxes on
presentBirth counts
presidentUnited States Presidental History
prisonPrison isolation experiment
prius_mpgUser reported fuel efficiency for 2017 Toyota Prius Prime
qqnormsimGenerate simulated QQ plots
race_justiceYahoo! News Race and Justice poll results
reddit_financeReddit Survey on Financial Independence.
res_demo_1Simulated data for regression
res_demo_2Simulated data for regression
resumeWhich resume attributes drive job callbacks?
rosling_responsesSample Responses to Two Public Health Questions
russian_influence_on_us_election_2016Russians' Opinions on US Election Influence in 2016
sa_gdp_elecSustainability and Economic Indicators for South Africa.
salinitySalinity in Bimini Lagoon, Bahamas
satgpaSAT and GPA data
sat_improveSimulated data for SAT score improvement
scale_color_openintroColor scale constructor for OpenIntro IMS colors
scale_fill_openintroFill scale constructor for OpenIntro IMS colors
scotus_healthcarePublic Opinion with SCOTUS ruling on American Healthcare Act
seattlepetsNames of pets in Seattle
sex_discriminationBank manager recommendations based on sex
simpsons_paradox_covidSimpson's Paradox: Covid
simulated_distSimulated data sets, not necessarily drawn from a normal...
simulated_normalSimulated data sets, drawn from a normal distribution.
simulated_scatterSimulated data for sample scatterplots
sinusitisSinusitis and antibiotic experiment
sleep_deprivationSurvey on sleep deprivation and transportation workers
smallpoxSmallpox vaccine results
smokingUK Smoking Data
snowfallSnowfall at Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park
socialexpSocial experiment
solarEnergy Output From Two Solar Arrays in San Francisco
sowc_child_mortalitySOWC Child Mortality Data.
sowc_demographicsSOWC Demographics Data.
sowc_maternal_newbornSOWC Maternal and Newborn Health Data.
sp500Financial information for 50 S&P 500 companies
sp500_1950_2018Daily observations for the S&P 500
sp500_seqS&P 500 stock data
speed_gender_heightSpeed, gender, and height of 1325 students
ssd_speedSSD read and write speeds
starbucksStarbucks nutrition
stats_scoresFinal exam scores for twenty students
stem_cellEmbryonic stem cells to treat heart attack (in sheep)
stent30Stents for the treatment of stroke
stocks_18Monthly Returns for a few stocks
student_housingCommunity college housing (simulated data, 2015)
student_sleepSleep for 110 students (simulated)
sulphinpyrazoneTreating heart attacks
supreme_courtSupreme Court approval rating
teacherTeacher Salaries in St. Louis, Michigan
textbooksTextbook data for UCLA Bookstore and Amazon
thanksgiving_spendThanksgiving spending, simulated based on Gallup poll.
tipsTip data
tooheySimulated polling data set
tourismTurkey tourism
toy_anovaSimulated data set for ANOVA
transplantTransplant consultant success rate (fake data)
treeDiagConstruct tree diagrams
ucla_f18UCLA courses in Fall 2018
ucla_textbooks_f18Sample of UCLA course textbooks for Fall 2018
ukdemoUnited Kingdom Demographic Data
unemplAnnual unemployment since 1890
unemploy_presPresident's party performance and unemployment rate
winery_carsTime Between Gondola Cars at Sterling Winery
world_popWorld Population Data.
write_pkg_dataCreate a CSV variant of .rda files
xomExxon Mobile stock data
yawnContagiousness of yawning
yrbssYouth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
yrbss_sampSample of Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
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