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Using interactive control panel (rpanel) and 3D real-time rendering system (rgl) , this package provides a user friendly GUI for estimating the minimum number of biomarkers (variables) needed to achieve a given level of accuracy for two-group classification problems based on microarray data.


The function optimiseBiomarker is a user friendly GUI for interrogating the database of leave-one-out cross-validation errors, errorDbase, to estimate optimal number of biomarkers for microarray based classifications. The database is built on the basis of simulated data using the classificationError function. The function simData is used for simulating microarray data for various combinations of factors such as the number of biomarkers, training set size, biological variation, experimental variation, fold change, replication, and correlation.


Mizanur Khondoker, Till Bachmann, Peter Ghazal

Maintainer: Mizanur Khondoker [email protected].


Khondoker, M. R., Till T. Bachmann, T. T., Mewissen, M., Dickinson, P. et al.(2010). Multi-factorial analysis of class prediction error: estimating optimal number of biomarkers for various classification rules. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 8, 945-965.

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