realBiomarker: A set of 54359 median gene expressions in log (base 2) scale

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This data set contains a set of 54359 log base 2 gene expression values from a neonatal whole blood gene expression study described in Smith et al. (2007). The data represent the median of 28 microarrays corresponding to 28 control (healthy) patients of the neonatal study. This data set is used as a base expressions set for simulating biomarker data using simData function of the optBiomarker package.




A vector of 54359 gene expressions in log (base 2) scale.


Smith, C. L., Dickinson, P., Forster, T., Khondoker, M. R., Craigon, M., Ross, A., Storm, P., Burgess, S., Lacaze, P., Stenson, B. J.and Ghazal, P. (2007). Quantitative assessment of whole blood RNA as a potential biomarker for infectious disease. Analyst 132, 1200–1209.

Khondoker, M. R., Till T. Bachmann, T. T., Mewissen, M., Dickinson, P. et al.(2010). Multi-factorial analysis of class prediction error: estimating optimal number of biomarkers for various classification rules. Journal of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, 8, 945-965.

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