optrees: Optimal Trees in Weighted Graphs

Finds optimal trees in weighted graphs. In particular, this package provides solving tools for minimum cost spanning tree problems, minimum cost arborescence problems, shortest path tree problems and minimum cut tree problem.

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AuthorManuel Fontenla [aut, cre]
Date of publication2014-09-02 06:14:11
MaintainerManuel Fontenla <manu.fontenla@gmail.com>

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Man pages

ArcList2Cmat: Builds the cost matrix of a graph from its list of arcs

checkArbor: Checks if there is at least one arborescence in the graph

checkGraph: Checks if the graph contains at least one tree or one...

Cmat2ArcList: Builds the list of arcs of a graph from its cost matrix

compactCycle: Compacts the nodes in a cycle into a single node

findMinCut: Finds the minimum cut of a given graph

findstCut: Determines the s-t cut of a graph

getCheapArcs: Substracts the minimum weight of the arcs pointing to each...

getComponents: Connected components of a graph

getMinCostArcs: Selects the minimum cost of the arcs pointing to each node

getMinimumArborescence: Computes a minimum cost arborescence

getMinimumCutTree: getMinimumCutTree ————– Computes a minimum cut tree

getMinimumSpanningTree: Computes a minimum cost spanning tree

getShortestPathTree: Computes a shortest path tree

getZeroArcs: Selects zero weight arcs of a graph

ghTreeGusfield: Gomory-Hu tree with the Gusfield's algorithm

maxFlowFordFulkerson: Maximum flow with the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm

msArborEdmonds: Minimum cost arborescence with Edmonds' algorithm

msTreeBoruvka: Minimum cost spanning tree with Boruvka's algorithm.

msTreeKruskal: Minimum cost spanning tree with Kruskal's algorithm

msTreePrim: Minimum cost spanning tree with Prim's algorithm

optrees-package: Optimal Trees in Weighted Graphs

removeLoops: Remove loops of a graph

removeMultiArcs: Remove multi-arcs with no minimum cost

repGraph: Visual representation of a graph

searchFlowPath: Find a maximum flow path

searchWalk: Finds an open walk in a graph

searchZeroCycle: Zero weight cycle in a graph

spTreeBellmanFord: Shortest path tree with Bellman-Ford algorithm

spTreeDijkstra: Shortest path tree with Dijkstra's algorithm

stepbackArbor: Go back between two stages of the Edmond's algorithm


ArcList2Cmat Man page
checkArbor Man page
checkGraph Man page
Cmat2ArcList Man page
compactCycle Man page
findMinCut Man page
findstCut Man page
getCheapArcs Man page
getComponents Man page
getMinCostArcs Man page
getMinimumArborescence Man page
getMinimumCutTree Man page
getMinimumSpanningTree Man page
getShortestPathTree Man page
getZeroArcs Man page
ghTreeGusfield Man page
maxFlowFordFulkerson Man page
msArborEdmonds Man page
msTreeBoruvka Man page
msTreeKruskal Man page
msTreePrim Man page
optrees Man page
optrees-package Man page
removeLoops Man page
removeMultiArcs Man page
repGraph Man page
searchFlowPath Man page
searchWalk Man page
searchZeroCycle Man page
spTreeBellmanFord Man page
spTreeDijkstra Man page
stepbackArbor Man page

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