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Optimal Trees in Weighted Graphs

ArcList2CmatBuilds the cost matrix of a graph from its list of arcs
checkArborChecks if there is at least one arborescence in the graph
checkGraphChecks if the graph contains at least one tree or one...
Cmat2ArcListBuilds the list of arcs of a graph from its cost matrix
compactCycleCompacts the nodes in a cycle into a single node
findMinCutFinds the minimum cut of a given graph
findstCutDetermines the s-t cut of a graph
getCheapArcsSubstracts the minimum weight of the arcs pointing to each...
getComponentsConnected components of a graph
getMinCostArcsSelects the minimum cost of the arcs pointing to each node
getMinimumArborescenceComputes a minimum cost arborescence
getMinimumCutTreegetMinimumCutTree ————– Computes a minimum cut tree
getMinimumSpanningTreeComputes a minimum cost spanning tree
getShortestPathTreeComputes a shortest path tree
getZeroArcsSelects zero weight arcs of a graph
ghTreeGusfieldGomory-Hu tree with the Gusfield's algorithm
maxFlowFordFulkersonMaximum flow with the Ford-Fulkerson algorithm
msArborEdmondsMinimum cost arborescence with Edmonds' algorithm
msTreeBoruvkaMinimum cost spanning tree with Boruvka's algorithm.
msTreeKruskalMinimum cost spanning tree with Kruskal's algorithm
msTreePrimMinimum cost spanning tree with Prim's algorithm
optrees-packageOptimal Trees in Weighted Graphs
removeLoopsRemove loops of a graph
removeMultiArcsRemove multi-arcs with no minimum cost
repGraphVisual representation of a graph
searchFlowPathFind a maximum flow path
searchWalkFinds an open walk in a graph
searchZeroCycleZero weight cycle in a graph
spTreeBellmanFordShortest path tree with Bellman-Ford algorithm
spTreeDijkstraShortest path tree with Dijkstra's algorithm
stepbackArborGo back between two stages of the Edmond's algorithm
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