Man pages for ordinalRR
Analysis of Repeatability and Reproducibility Studies with Ordinal Measurements

compute.qCompute the probabilities for a single rater at a fixed part...
density.ordinalRRPlot densities of the latent part distributions.
followupFollowup data from experiment on soldered joints.
hist.ordinalRRHistogram for the latent part distributions from a Bayesian...
make.raterFormat the parameters for a single rater.
ordinalRRFit a Bayesian ordinal R&R model using JAGS.
ordinalRR.controlSet control parameters for a Bayesian ordinal R&R model.
ordinalRR.simSimulate an ordinal R&R data set.
preprocessFormat an ordinal R&R data frame into object required by...
print.ordinalRRPrint function for an object of class ordinalRR.
summary.ordinalRRSummarize an object of class ordinalRR.
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