Ohio: Ohio lung cancer data

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Population estimates and lung cancer death counts for the state of Ohio in 1988, among 55-84 year olds. Counts are stratified by age, sex and race.




A data frame consisting of 12 observations, with the following columns:


A 3-level categorical level variable; 0=55-64 years; 1=65-74 years; 2=75-84 years.


A binary variable; 0=male; 1=female.


A binary variable; 0=white; 1=non-white.


A numeric vector of estimated population counts.


A numeric vector of lung cancer death counts.


The data were obtained from the National Center for Heatlh Statistics Compressed Mortality File and correspond to a population of 2,220,177 individuals with 5,533 lung cancer deaths. A more comprehensive dataset, providing counts further stratified by county as well as for the years 1968 to 1988, is described by Xia and Carlin (1998).


Xia H, Carlin B (1998). Spatio-temporal models with errors in covariates: Mapping Ohio lung cancer mortality. Statistics in Medicine, 17, 2025-2043.

Haneuse, S. and Saegusa, T. and Lumley, T. (2011) "osDesign: An R Package for the Analysis, Evaluation, and Design of Two-Phase and Case-Control Studies." Journal of Statistical Software, 43(11), 1-29.

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