Man pages for ouch
Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Models for Phylogenetic Comparative Hypotheses

anolis.ssdGreater Antillean anolis lizard sexual size dimorphism data.
ape2ouchConvert an "ape" tree to an "ouch" tree.
bimacAnolis bimaculatus lizard size data.
brownFit a Brownian-motion model of evolution along a phylogenetic...
browntree-classFitted phylogenetic Brownian motion model
hansenHansen model of evolution along a phylogenetic tree
hansentree-classhansen tree object
hansentree-methodsMethods of the "hansentree" class
ouch-packageOrnstein-Uhlenbeck methods for comparative phylogenetic...
ouchtree-classPhylogenetic tree object in 'ouch' format.
paintPainting selective regimes on a phylogenetic tree.
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