brown: Fit a Brownian-motion model of evolution along a phylogenetic...

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brown fits a Brownian motion model to the given data.


brown(data, tree)



Phenotypic data for extant species, i.e., at the terminal ends of the phylogenetic tree. This can either be a numeric vector or a list. If it is a numeric vector, there must be one entry for every node. If it is a list, it must consist entirely of numeric vectors, each of which has one entry per node. A data-frame is coerced to a list.


A phylogenetic tree, specified as an ouchtree object.


brown returns an object of class browntree. See browntree-class for information on the methods of this class.


Aaron A. King <kingaa at umich dot edu>


Butler, M.A. and A.A. King (2004) Phylogenetic comparative analysis: a modeling approach for adaptive evolution. American Naturalist 164:683-695.

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ouchtree, browntree

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