paleoMAS: Paleoecological Analysis

Transfer functions and statistical operations for paleoecology

AuthorAlexander Correa-Metrio, Dunia H. Urrego, Kenneth R. Cabrera, Mark B. Bush
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:59:22
MaintainerAlexander Correa-Metrio <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

akaike.all: LOESS regression parameters selection through AIC...

akaike.l: Loess regression parameters selection through AIC...

analog.mult: Multiple analogs comparison

analog.sing: Single analog comparison

bcrossv.all: LOESS regression parameters selection through bootstrap...

bcrossv.l: LOESS regression parameters selection through bootstrap...

bcrossv.l1: LOESS regression bootstrap cross-validation with fixed... Bootstrap cross-validation of synthetic assemblages fossil...

change: Dissimilarities, distances and rates of change

chron: Age-depth computation

dispersion: Internal for 'dispersion.all'

dispersion.all: Taxon response to environmental variables through LOESS...

error.l: LOESS regression error estimation for multiple taxa

filter.p: Filter for Presence and Persistence

fossil.dist: Distance calculation between fossil samples and modern...

fossilq: Pollen percentages Aluik Pond

fossil.values: Fossil environmental parameters calculation

modernq: Pollen counts Northern Quebec Treeline

paleoMAS-package: Paleoecological Analysis

percenta: Computation of percentage matrix

quexilchron: Chronology Lake Quexil

quexildepths: Depths Lake Quexil

quexilper: Pollen percentages Lake Quexil

run.mean: Moving averages

simulat: Sample simulation

simulat.t: Model desaturation by samples simulation

syas: Synthetic assemblages

synthetic: Calculation of synthetic assemblages

vcrossv.all: V-fold iterative cross-validation for discriminant analysis

vcrossv.da: V-fold cross-validation for discriminant analysis


akaike.all Man page
akaike.l Man page
analog.mult Man page
analog.sing Man page
bcrossv.all Man page
bcrossv.l Man page
bcrossv.l1 Man page Man page
change Man page
chron Man page
dispersion Man page
dispersion.all Man page
error.l Man page
filter.p Man page
fossil.dist Man page
fossilq Man page
fossil.values Man page
modernq Man page
paleoMAS Man page
paleoMAS-package Man page
percenta Man page
quexilchron Man page
quexildepths Man page
quexilper Man page
run.mean Man page
simulat Man page
simulat.t Man page
syas Man page
synthetic Man page
vcrossv.all Man page
vcrossv.da Man page


paleoMAS/man/akaike.l.Rd paleoMAS/man/paleoMAS-package.Rd paleoMAS/man/bcrossv.l.Rd paleoMAS/man/fossilq.Rd paleoMAS/man/quexildepths.Rd paleoMAS/man/fossil.values.Rd paleoMAS/man/bcrossv.l1.Rd paleoMAS/man/dispersion.all.Rd paleoMAS/man/modernq.Rd paleoMAS/man/analog.sing.Rd paleoMAS/man/vcrossv.da.Rd paleoMAS/man/ paleoMAS/man/error.l.Rd paleoMAS/man/simulat.t.Rd paleoMAS/man/bcrossv.all.Rd paleoMAS/man/syas.Rd paleoMAS/man/chron.Rd paleoMAS/man/quexilper.Rd paleoMAS/man/akaike.all.Rd paleoMAS/man/vcrossv.all.Rd paleoMAS/man/dispersion.Rd paleoMAS/man/filter.p.Rd paleoMAS/man/synthetic.Rd paleoMAS/man/fossil.dist.Rd paleoMAS/man/simulat.Rd paleoMAS/man/quexilchron.Rd paleoMAS/man/change.Rd paleoMAS/man/run.mean.Rd paleoMAS/man/percenta.Rd paleoMAS/man/analog.mult.Rd
paleoMAS/R/change.R paleoMAS/R/analog.mult.R paleoMAS/R/bcrossv.all.R paleoMAS/R/akaike.all.R paleoMAS/R/akaike.l.R paleoMAS/R/analog.sing.R paleoMAS/R/error.l.R paleoMAS/R/fossil.dist.R paleoMAS/R/fossil.values.R paleoMAS/R/bcrossv.l.R paleoMAS/R/bcrossv.l1.R paleoMAS/R/synthetic.R paleoMAS/R/simulat.R paleoMAS/R/percenta.R paleoMAS/R/filter.p.R paleoMAS/R/ paleoMAS/R/syas.R paleoMAS/R/vcrossv.da.R paleoMAS/R/run.mean.R paleoMAS/R/simulat.t.R paleoMAS/R/vcrossv.all.R paleoMAS/R/dispersion.R paleoMAS/R/dispersion.all.R paleoMAS/R/chron.R

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