Man pages for paleoMAS
Paleoecological Analysis

akaike.allLOESS regression parameters selection through AIC...
akaike.lLoess regression parameters selection through AIC...
analog.multMultiple analogs comparison
analog.singSingle analog comparison
bcrossv.allLOESS regression parameters selection through bootstrap...
bcrossv.lLOESS regression parameters selection through bootstrap...
bcrossv.l1LOESS regression bootstrap cross-validation with fixed...
bcrossv.saBootstrap cross-validation of synthetic assemblages fossil...
changeDissimilarities, distances and rates of change
chronAge-depth computation
dispersionInternal for 'dispersion.all'
dispersion.allTaxon response to environmental variables through LOESS...
error.lLOESS regression error estimation for multiple taxa
filter.pFilter for Presence and Persistence
fossil.distDistance calculation between fossil samples and modern...
fossilqPollen percentages Aluik Pond
fossil.valuesFossil environmental parameters calculation
modernqPollen counts Northern Quebec Treeline
paleoMAS-packagePaleoecological Analysis
percentaComputation of percentage matrix
quexilchronChronology Lake Quexil
quexildepthsDepths Lake Quexil
quexilperPollen percentages Lake Quexil
run.meanMoving averages
simulatSample simulation
simulat.tModel desaturation by samples simulation
syasSynthetic assemblages
syntheticCalculation of synthetic assemblages
vcrossv.allV-fold iterative cross-validation for discriminant analysis
vcrossv.daV-fold cross-validation for discriminant analysis
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