Man pages for pander
An R 'Pandoc' Writer

add.blank.linesAdd trailing and leading blank line
add.lattice.gridAdd grids
add.lattice.xsubticksAdd subticks
add.minor.ticksMinor tick marks
add.significance.starsAdd significance stars
brewPatched brew
cache.offToggle cache
check_captionCheck if caption is valid
check_digitsCheck if vector parameter for round/digits and adjust...
coef_matCalculate coef matrix for models from rms package Forked from...
emphasize.rowsEmphasize rows/columns/cells
eval.msgsEvaluate with messages
evalsEvaluate and Process R Code
evalsOptionsQuerying/setting evals option
get.alignmentGet alignment
get.captionGet caption
get.emphasizeGet emphasize params from internal buffer
get.storageGet a value from internal buffer
has.rownamesCheck if rownames are available
multitableCreate a multitable used for rendering objects from rms...
openFileInOSOpen file
pInline Printing
panderGeneric pander method
pander.anovaPander method for anova class
pander.aovPander method for aov class
pander.aovlistPander method for aovlist class
pander.ArimaPrints an arima object from stats package in Pandoc's...
pander.callPander method for call class
pander.cast_dfPander method for cast_df class
pander.characterPander method for character class
pander.clogitPander method for clogit class
pander.coxphPander method for coxph class
pander.cphPrints an cph object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.CrossTablePander method for CrossTable class method for data.frame class method for data.table class
pander.DatePander method for Date class
pander.defaultDefault Pander method
pander.densityPander method for density class
pander.describePander method for describe class
pander.etsPrints an ets object from forecast package in Pandoc's...
pander.evalsPander method for evals class
pander.factorPander method for factor class
pander.formulaPander method for formula class
pander.ftablePander method for ftable class
pander.functionPander method for function class
pander.glmPander method for summary.glm class
pander.glm.rmsPrints an Grm object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.gtablePander method for gtable class
pander.htestPander method for htest class
pander.imagePander method for image class
pander.irtsPrints an irts object from tseries package in Pandoc's...
pander.listPander method for list class
pander.lmPander method for summary.lm class
pander.lmePander method for lme class
pander.logicalPander method for logical class
pander.lrmPrints an lrm object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.manovaPander method for manova class
pander.matrixPander method for matrix class
pander.microbenchmarkPander method for microbenchmark class
pander.namePander method for name class
pander.nlsPrints an nls object from stats package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.NULLPander method for a NULL object
pander.numericPander method for numeric class
pander.olsPrints an ols object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
panderOptionsQuerying/setting pander option
pander.ormPrints an orm object from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.polrPrints an polr object from MASS package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.POSIXctPander method for POSIXct class
pander.POSIXltPander method for POSIXlt class
pander.prcompPander method for prcomp class
pander.randomForestPander method for randomForest class
pander.rapportPander method for rapport class
pander_returnPander and capture output
pander.rlmPander method for rlm class
pander.sessionInfoPander method for sessionInfo class
pander.smooth.splinePander method for smooth.spline class
pander.stat.tablePander method for stat.table class
pander.summary.aovPander method for summary.aov class
pander.summary.aovlistPander method for summary.aovlist class
pander.summary.glmPander method for summary.glm class
pander.summary.lmPander method for summary.lm class
pander.summary.lmePander method for summary.lme class
pander.summary.manovaPrints an summary.manova object from stats package in...
pander.summary.nlsPrints an summary.nls object from stats package in Pandoc's...
pander.summary.polrPrints an summary.polr object from MASS package in Pandoc's...
pander.summary.prcompPander method for summary.prcomp class
pander.summary.rmsPrints an summary.rms from rms package in Pandoc's markdown.
pander.summary.survregPrints an survreg object from survival package in Pandoc's...
pander.summary.tablePander method for summary.table class
pander.survdiffPander method for survdiff class
pander.survfitPander method for survfit class
pander.survregPrints an survreg object from survival package in Pandoc's...
pander.tablePander method for table class
pander.tabularPander method for tabular class
pander.tsPander method for timeseries class
pander.vectorHelper function to deal with atomic vectors
pander.zooPander method for zoo class
Pandoc.brewBrew in pandoc format
Pandoc-classReporting with Pandoc
Pandoc.convertConverts Pandoc to other format
pandoc.header.returnCreate header
pandoc.horizontal.rule.returnCreate horizontal rule
pandoc.image.returnCreate pandoc image tags
pandoc.indentIndent text pandoc link Pandoc's markdown format link.
pandoc.list.returnCreate a list
pandoc.strikeout.returnAdd strikeout
pandoc.strong.returnStrong emphasis
pandoc.table.returnCreate a table
pandoc.title.returnCreate title block
pandoc.verbatim.returnAdd verbatim
path_to_pandocFind path to the pandoc binary by checking the 'PATH' and the...
redrawPlotRedraw a recordedplot, grid, trellis, or ggplot2 plot.
redraw.recordedplotRedraws plot saved in file
remove.extra.newlinesRemove more then two joined newlines
repCharRepeating chars
set.alignmentSets alignment for tables
set.captionAdds caption in current block
splitLineSplit line with line breaks depending on max.width
trim.spacesTrim leading and trailing spaces
wrapWrap Vector Elements
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