11_d_control: Default control in pbdMPI.

SPMD ControlR Documentation

Default control in pbdMPI.


These variables provide default values for most functions in the package.


The environment .pbd_env contains several objects with parameters for communicators and methods.


The elements of .pbd_env$SPMD.CT are default values for various controls

Elements Default Meaning
comm 0L communicator index
intercomm 2L inter communicator index
info 0L info index
newcomm 1L new communicator index
op "sum" the operation
port.name "spmdport" the operation
print.all.rank FALSE whether all ranks print message
print.quiet FALSE whether rank is added to print/cat
rank.root 0L the rank of root
rank.source 0L the rank of source
rank.dest 1L the rank of destination
request 0L the request index
serv.name "spmdserv" the service name
status 0L the status index
tag 0L the tag number
unlist FALSE whether to unlist a return
divide.method "block" default method for jid
mpi.finalize TRUE shutdown MPI on finalize()
quit TRUE quit when errors occur
msg.flush TRUE flush each comm.cat/comm.print
msg.barrier TRUE include barrier in comm.cat/comm.print
Rprof.all.rank FALSE call Rprof on all ranks
lazy.check TRUE use lazy check on all ranks

The elements of .pbd_env$SPMD.OP list the implemented operations for reduce() and allreduce(). Currently, implemented operations are "sum", "prod", "max", "min", "land", "band", "lor", "bor", "lxor", "bxor".

The elements of .SPMD.IO are default values for functions in comm_read.r and comm_balance.r.

Elements Default Meaning
max.read.size 5.2e6 max of reading size (5 MB)
max.test.lines 500 max of testing lines
read.method "gbd" default reading method
balance.method "block" default load balance method

where balance.method is only used for "gbd" reading method when nrows = -1 and skip = 0 are set.

The elements of .pbd_env$SPMD.TP are default values for task pull settings

Elements Default Meaning
bcast FALSE whether to bcast() objects to all ranks
barrier TRUE if call barrier() for all ranks
try TRUE if use try() in works
try.silent FALSE if silent the try() message
See task.pull() for details.


Wei-Chen Chen wccsnow@gmail.com, George Ostrouchov, Drew Schmidt, Pragneshkumar Patel, and Hao Yu.


Programming with Big Data in R Website: https://pbdr.org/

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