cc_arrange.mpi.apts: Set or Get MPI Array Pointers in R

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Set or Get MPI Array Pointers in R


The function set/get a point address in R where the point point to a structure containing MPI arrays.




Since Rmpi/pbdMPI pre-allocate memory to store comm, status, datatype, info, request, this function provides a variable in R to let different APIs share the same memory address.

If the package loads first, then this sets '.__MPI_APTS__' in the .GlobalEnv of R. If the package does not load before other MPI APIs, then this gives a structure pointer to external memory according to '.__MPI_APTS__', i.e. allocated by other MPI APIs.

pbdMPI/R/arrange.mpi.apts provides the R code, and pbdMPI/src/pkg_*.* provides the details of this call.


'.__MPI_APTS__' is set in .GlobalEnv of R.


Wei-Chen Chen, George Ostrouchov, Drew Schmidt, Pragneshkumar Patel, and Hao Yu.


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