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Methods for Graphical Models and Causal Inference

addBgKnowledgeAdd background knowledge to a CPDAG or PDAG
adjustmentCompute adjustment sets for covariate adjustment.
agesEstimate an APDAG within the Markov equivalence class of a...
amatTypeTypes and Display of Adjacency Matrices in Package 'pcalg'
backdoorFind Set Satisfying the Generalized Backdoor Criterion (GBC)
beta.specialCompute set of intervention effects
beta.special.pcObjCompute set of intervention effects in a fast way
binCItestG square Test for (Conditional) Independence of Binary...
checkTripleCheck Consistency of Conditional Independence for a Triple of...
compareGraphsCompare two graphs in terms of TPR, FPR and TDR
condIndFisherZTest Conditional Independence of Gaussians via Fisher's Z
corGraphComputing the correlation graph
dag2cpdagConvert a DAG to a CPDAG
dag2essgraphConvert a DAG to an Essential Graph
dag2pagConvert a DAG with latent variables into a PAG
disCItestG square Test for (Conditional) Independence of Discrete...
dreachCompute D-SEP(x,y,G)
dsepTest for d-separation in a DAG
dsepTestTest for d-separation in a DAG
EssGraph-classClass '"EssGraph"'
fciEstimate a PAG by the FCI Algorithm
fciAlgo-classClass "fciAlgo" of FCI Algorithm Results
fciPlusEstimate a PAG by the FCI+ Algorithm
find.unsh.tripleFind all Unshielded Triples in an Undirected Graph
gacTest If Set Satisfies Generalized Adjustment Criterion (GAC)
gAlgo-classClass '"gAlgo"'
GaussL0penIntScore-classClass '"GaussL0penIntScore"'
GaussL0penObsScore-classClass '"GaussL0penObsScore"'
GaussParDAG-classClass '"GaussParDAG"' of Gaussian Causal Models
gdsGreedy DAG Search to Estimate Markov Equivalence Class of DAG
gesEstimate the Markov equivalence class of a DAG using GES
getGraphGet the "graph" Part or Aspect of R Object
getNextSetIteration through a list of all combinations of choose(n,k)
giesEstimate Interventional Markov Equivalence Class of a DAG by...
gmBGraphical Model 5-Dim Binary Example Data
gmDGraphical Model Discrete 5-Dim Example Data
gmGGraphical Model 8-Dimensional Gaussian Example Data
gmIGraphical Model 7-dim IDA Data Examples
gmIntGraphical Model 8-Dimensional Interventional Gaussian Example...
gmLLatent Variable 4-Dim Graphical Model Data Example
idaEstimate Multiset of Possible Joint Total Causal Effects
idaFastMultiset of Possible Total Causal Effects for Several Target...
iplotPCPlotting a pcAlgo object using the package igraph
isValidGraphCheck for a DAG, CPDAG or a maximally oriented PDAG
jointIdaEstimate Multiset of Possible Total Joint Effects
legal.pathCheck if a 3-node-path is Legal
LINGAMLinear non-Gaussian Acyclic Models (LiNGAM)
mat2targetsConversion between an intervention matrix and a list of...
mcorCompute (Large) Correlation Matrix
optAdjSetCompute the optimal adjustment set
opt.targetGet an optimal intervention target
pag2magTransform a PAG into a MAG in the Corresponding Markov...
ParDAG-classClass '"ParDAG"' of Parametric Causal Models
pcEstimate the Equivalence Class of a DAG using the PC...
pcalg2dagittyTransform the adjacency matrix from 'pcalg' into a 'dagitty'...
pcalg-internalInternal Pcalg Functions
pcAlgoPC-Algorithm [OLD]: Estimate Skeleton or Equivalence Class of...
pcAlgo-classClass "pcAlgo" of PC Algorithm Results, incl. Skeleton
pc.cons.internUtility for conservative and majority rule in PC and FCI
pcorOrderCompute Partial Correlations
pcSelectPC-Select: Estimate subgraph around a response variable
pcSelect.preselEstimate Subgraph around a Response Variable using...
pdag2allDagsEnumerate All DAGs in a Markov Equivalence Class
pdag2dagExtend a Partially Directed Acyclic Graph (PDAG) to a DAG
pdsepEstimate Final Skeleton in the FCI algorithm
plotAGPlot partial ancestral graphs (PAG)
plotSGPlot the subgraph around a Specific Node in a Graph Object
possAnFind possible ancestors of given node(s).
possDeFind possible descendants of given node(s).
possibleDe[DEPRECATED] Find possible descendants on definite status...
qreachCompute Possible-D-SEP(x,G) of a node x in a PDAG G
randDAGRandom DAG Generation
randomDAGGenerate a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) randomly
rfciEstimate an RFCI-PAG using the RFCI Algorithm
r.gauss.pardagGenerate a Gaussian Causal Model Randomly
rmvDAGGenerate Multivariate Data according to a DAG
rmvnorm.iventSimulate from a Gaussian Causal Model
Score-classVirtual Class "Score"
shdCompute Structural Hamming Distance (SHD)
showAmatShow Adjacency Matrix of pcAlgo object
showEdgeListShow Edge List of pcAlgo object
simyEstimate Interventional Markov Equivalence Class of a DAG
skeletonEstimate (Initial) Skeleton of a DAG using the PC / PC-Stable...
trueCovCovariance matrix of a DAG.
udag2apagLast step of RFCI algorithm: Transform partially oriented...
udag2pagLast steps of FCI algorithm: Transform Final Skeleton into...
udag2pdagLast PC Algorithm Step: Extend Object with Skeleton to...
visibleEdgeCheck visible edge.
wgtMatrixWeight Matrix of a Graph, e.g., a simulated DAG
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