## Tests whether "intervention matrices" can correctly be mapped to a 
## targets/target index pair, and vice versa

nreps <- 30
p <- 20
n <- 200

for (i in 1:nreps) {
  A <- matrix(as.logical(rbinom(n*p, 1, 0.01)), nrow = n, ncol = p)
  ## Testing conversion of matrix to list of targets
  target.list <- mat2targets(A)
  if (any(duplicated(target.list$targets)))
    stop("Targets are not unique!")
  for (j in 1:n)
    if (!all.equal(which(A[j, ]), 
      stop("Targets not correctly represented!")
  ## Test back-conversion
  B <- targets2mat(p, target.list$targets, target.list$target.index)
  if (!identical(A, B))
    stop("Intervention matrix not correctly represented!")

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