Man pages for pec
Prediction Error Curves for Risk Prediction Models in Survival Analysis

calPlotCalibration plots for right censored data
cindexConcordance index for right censored survival time data
costCopenhagen Stroke Study
coxboostFormula interface for function 'CoxBoost' of package...
crpsSummarizing prediction error curves
GBSG2German Breast Cancer Study Group 2
ipcwEstimation of censoring probabilities
Pbc3Pbc3 data
pecPrediction error curves
pecCforestS3-wrapper function for cforest from the party package
pecCtreeS3-Wrapper for ctree.
pecRpartPredict survival based on rpart tree object
plot.calibrationPlotPlot objects obtained with 'calPlot'
plot.pecPlotting prediction error curves
plotPredictEventProbPlotting predicted survival curves.
plotPredictSurvProbPlotting predicted survival curves.
predictEventProbPredicting event probabilities (cumulative incidences) in...
predictLifeYearsLostPredicting life years lost (cumulative cumulative incidences)...
predictRestrictedMeanTimePredicting restricted mean time
predictSurvProbPredicting survival probabilities
print.pecPrinting a 'pec' (prediction error curve) object.
R2Explained variation for survival models
reclassRetrospective risk reclassification table
resolvesplitMethodResolve the splitMethod for estimation of prediction...
selectCoxBackward variable selection in the Cox regression model
selectFGRStepwise variable selection in the Fine & Gray regression...
simCostSimulate COST alike data
SpecialDrawing bootstrapped cross-validation curves and the .632 or...
threecitythreecity data
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