Spectral response of a GaAsP photodiode


A dataset containing wavelengths at a 1 nm interval and spectral response as $A W^-1 nm^-1$ for GaAsP photodiode type G6262 from Hamamatsu. Data digitized from manufacturer's data sheet.


A response_spct object with 311 rows and 2 variables


  • w.length (nm).

  • s.e.response (A/W)


Hamamatsu (2011) Datasheet: GaAsP Photodiodes G5645 G5842 G6262. Hamamatsu Photonics KK, Hamamatsu, City. http://www.hamamatsu.com/resources/pdf/ssd/g5645_etc_kgpd1004e.pdf. Visited 2016-02-01.

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