wb2rect_spct: Create tagged spectrum from wavebands

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Create a generic_spct object with wavelengths from the range of wavebands in a list. The spectrum is suitable for plotting labels, symbols, rectangles or similar, as the midpoint of each waveband is added to the spectrum.


wb2rect_spct(w.band, short.names = TRUE)



waveband or list of waveband objects The waveband(s) determine the wavelengths in variable w.length of the returned spectrum


logical Flag indicating whether to use short or long names for wavebands


A generic.spectrum object, with columns w.length, wl.low, wl.hi, wl.color, wb.color and wb.name. The w.length values are the midppoint of the wavebands, wl.low and wl.high give the boundaries of the wavebands, wl.color the color definition corresponding to the wavelength at the center of the waveband and wb.color the color of the waveband as a whole (assuming a flat energy irradiance spectrum). Different spectral data variables are set to zero and added making the returned value compatible with classes derived from generic_spct.

See Also

Other tagging and related functions: is_tagged, tag, untag, wb2spct, wb2tagged_spct

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