wb2tagged_spct: Create tagged spectrum from wavebands

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Create a tagged generic_spct object with wavelengths from the range of wavebands in a list, and names of the same bands as factor levels, and corresponding color definitions. The spectrum is not suitable for plotting labels, symbols, rectangles or similar, as the midpoint of each waveband is not added to the spectrum.


wb2tagged_spct(w.band, use.hinges = TRUE, short.names = TRUE, ...)



waveband or list of waveband objects The waveband(s) determine the region(s) of the spectrum that are tagged and the wavelengths returned in variable w.length.


logical Flag indicating whether to insert "hinges" into the spectral data before integration so as to reduce interpolation errors at the boundaries of the wavebands.


logical Flag indicating whether to use short or long names for wavebands.


ignored (possibly used by derived methods).


A spectrum as returned by wb2spct but additionally tagged using function tag

See Also

Other tagging and related functions: is_tagged, tag, untag, wb2rect_spct, wb2spct

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