gap.mspct: Solar spectral irradiance in a tree canopy gap (measured)

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A dataset containing a sequence of 72 spectra measured with an Ocean Optics Maya2000 Pro spectrometer and a Bentham DH-7-SM cosine diffuser. Values measured on 30 April 2014, in the late morning, under clear sky conditions. The whole sequence was measured in 39 seconds in a sunfleck under young silver birch trees. Place: University of Helsinki, Viikki Campus, Finland. Coordinates: 60.227162 N, 25.019429 E. Calibration and corrections done with package MayaCalc using bracketing and noise reduction (with filter measurement) and method "sun". Algorithm and calibration data by Lasse Ylianttila (STUK, Helsinki, Finland).




A source_mspct object containing a collection of 72 source_spct objects.



T. Matthew Robson and Saara Hartikainen (data)


Ylianttila, L.; Visuri, R.; Huurto, L. & Jokela, K. (2005) Evaluation of a single-monochromator diode array spectroradiometer for sunbed UV-radiation measurements. Photochem Photobiol, 81, 333-341

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