sun_hourly_june.spct: Ground level spectral irradiance at hourly intervals

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Datasets containing the wavelengths at 1.0 nm interval and tabulated values spectral irradiance for the sun for 22 to 24 June 2010 in Helsinki, Finland.




A data frame with 29464 rows (293 nm to 800 nm at 1 nm interval) and 3 variables.


The variables are as follows:

The data set includes NAs for missing night-time spectral irardiance values.


A summary of these data has been published in the article by Morales et al. (2013). The simualtion methods has been described in Lindfors et al. (2009).


Anders K. Lindfors (radiation transfer modelling)


Morales, L. O.; Brosch<c3><a9>, M.; Vainonen, J.; Jenkins, G. I.; Wargent, J. J.; Sipari, N.; Strid, A.; Lindfors, A. V.; Tegelberg, R. & Aphalo, P. J. (2013) Multiple roles for UV RESISTANCE LOCUS8 in regulating gene expression and metabolite accumulation in Arabidopsis under solar ultraviolet radiation. Plant Physiology, 161, 744-759

Lindfors, A.; Heikkil<c3><a4>, A.; Kaurola, J.; Koskela, T. & Lakkala, K. (2009) Reconstruction of Solar Spectral Surface UV Irradiances Using Radiative Transfer Simulations. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 85: 1233-1239

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