Man pages for phreeqc
R Interface to Geochemical Modeling Software

Amm.datThe Amm.dat database.
ColdChem.datThe ColdChem.dat database.
core10.datThe core10.dat database
ex1Example 1-Speciation Calculation
ex10Example 10-Aragonite-Strontianite Solid Solution
ex11Example 11-Transport and Cation Exchange
ex12Example 12-Advective and Diffusive Flux of Heat and Solutes
ex13Example 13-Aragonite-Strontianite Solid Solution
ex14Example 14-Advective Transport, Cation Exchange, Surface...
ex15Example 15-1D Transport: Kinetic Biodegradation, Cell Growth,...
ex15.datThe ex15.dat database
ex16Example 16-Inverse Modeling of Sierra Spring Waters
ex17Example 17-Inverse Modeling With Evaporation
ex18Example 18-Inverse Modeling of the Madison Aquifer
ex19Example 19-Modeling Cd+2 Sorption With Linear, Freundlich,...
ex2Example 2-Equilibration With Pure Phases
ex20Example 20-Distribution of Isotopes Between Water and Calcite
ex21Example 21-Modeling Diffusion of HTO, 36Cl-, 22Na+, and Cs+...
ex22Example 22-Modeling Gas Solubilities: CO2 at High Pressures
ex3Example 3-Mixing
ex4Example 4-Evaporation and Homogeneous Redox Reactions
ex5Example 5-Irreversible Reactions
ex6Example 6-Reaction-Path Calculations
ex7Example 7-Gas-Phase Calculations
ex8Example 8-Surface Complexation
ex9Example 9-Kinetic Oxidation of Dissolved Ferrous Iron With...
frezchem.datThe frezchem.dat database
iso.datThe iso.dat database.
llnl.datThe llnl.dat database.
minteq.datThe minteq.dat database.
minteq.v4.datThe minteq.v4.dat database.
phrAccumulateLineAccumulate line(s) for input to phreeqc.
phrClearAccumulatedLinesClear the accumulated input buffer.
phreeqc.datThe phreeqc.dat database
phreeqc-packageR interface to the PHREEQC geochemical modeling program.
phrGetAccumulatedLinesRetrieve the accumulated input.
phrGetComponentListRetrieve a list containing the current list of components.
phrGetDumpFileNameRetrieve the name of the dump file.
phrGetDumpFileOnRetrieve the current value of the dump file switch.
phrGetDumpStringsRetrieve DUMP strings.
phrGetDumpStringsOnRetrieve the current value of the dump strings switch.
phrGetErrorFileNameRetrieve the name of the error file.
phrGetErrorFileOnRetrieve the current value of the error file switch.
phrGetErrorStringsRetrieve error string messages.
phrGetErrorStringsOnRetrieve the current value of the error strings switch.
phrGetLogFileNameRetrieve the name of the log file.
phrGetLogFileOnRetrieve the current value of the log file switch.
phrGetLogStringsRetrieve log output.
phrGetLogStringsOnRetrieve the current value of the log strings switch.
phrGetOutputFileNameRetrieve the name of the output file.
phrGetOutputFileOnRetrieve the current value of the output file switch.
phrGetOutputStringsRetrieve standard phreeqc output.
phrGetOutputStringsOnRetrieve the current value of the output strings switch.
phrGetSelectedOutputReturns the contents of the selected output as a list of data...
phrGetSelectedOutputFileNameRetrieve the name of the selected_output file.
phrGetWarningStringsRetrieve warning messages.
phrLoadDatabaseLoad a phreeqc database file
phrLoadDatabaseStringLoad a phreeqc database as a string or a list of strings.
phrRunAccumulatedRuns the accumulated input.
phrRunFileRun phreeqc input file
phrRunStringRuns phreeqc using the given string as input.
phrSetDumpFileNameSet the name of the dump file.
phrSetDumpFileOnSet the dump file on/off.
phrSetDumpStringsOnSet dump strings on/off.
phrSetErrorFileNameSet the name of the error file.
phrSetErrorFileOnSet error file on/off.
phrSetErrorStringsOnSet error strings on/off.
phrSetLogFileNameSet the name of the log file.
phrSetLogFileOnSet log file on/off.
phrSetLogStringsOnSet log strings on/off.
phrSetOutputFileNameSet the name of the output file.
phrSetOutputFileOnSet output file on/off.
phrSetOutputStringsOnSet output strings on/off.
phrSetSelectedOutputFileNameSet the name of the selected_output file.
phrSetSelectedOutputFileOnSet selected_output file on/off.
pitzer.datThe pitzer.dat database.
sit.datThe sit.dat database.
Tipping_Hurley.datThe Tipping_Hurley.dat database
wateq4f.datThe wateq4f.dat database.
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