ex12: Example 12-Advective and Diffusive Flux of Heat and Solutes

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This example demonstrates the capability of PHREEQC to calculate transient transport of heat and solutes in a column or along a 1D flowline. A column is initially filled with a dilute KCl solution at 25 degrees C in equilibrium with a cation exchanger. A KNO3 solution then advects into the column and establishes a new temperature of 0 degrees C. Subsequently, a sodium chloride solution at 24 degrees C is allowed to diffuse from both ends of the column, assuming no heat is lost through the column walls. At one end, a constant boundary condition is imposed, and at the other end, the final cell is filled with the sodium chloride solution and a closed boundary condition is prescribed. For the column end with a constant boundary condition, an analytical solution is compared with PHREEQC results, for unretarded Cl- (R = 1.0) and retarded Na+ and temperature (R = 3.0). Finally, the second-order accuracy of the numerical method is verified by increasing the number of cells by a factor of three and demonstrating a decrease in the error of the numerical solution by approximately one order of magnitude relative to the analytical solution. The example can be run using the phrRunString routine.





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