Man pages for phyloclim
Integrating Phylogenetics and Climatic Niche Modeling

age.range.correlationAge-Range Correlation
anc.climEstimation of Ancestral Climatic Tolerances
equNiche overlap for Oxalis enneaphylla and O. lacinita
hypothesis.testsNiche Equivalency and Background Similarity Test
niche.overlapQuantification of Niche Overlap
palmatifoliae_Oxalis_ section _Palmatifoliae_
phyloclim-internalInternal PhyloClim Functions
phyloclim-packagePhyloclimatic Data Analysis
plotAncClimChronograms with Climatic Data on the Y-Axis
plotPNOPlot Predicted Niche Occupancy Profiles
pnoPredicted Niche Occupancy Profiles
pno.weighted.meanWeighted means of niche dimensions
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