Man pages for piecewiseSEM
Piecewise Structural Equation Modeling

AIC.psemGeneralized function for SEM AIC(c) score
all.vars.merModRemove random effects from all.vars
all.vars_notransGet vector of untransformed variables
all.vars_transGet vector of transformed variables
anovaLRTChi-square difference test
anova.psemANOVA and chi-squared difference test for model comparison
anovaTableSingle anova
as.psemConvert list to psem object
basisSetDerivation of the basis set
BIC.psemGeneralized function for SEM BIC score
captureTableCaptures output table
cbind_fillBind data.frames of differing dimensions
cerrorCorrelated errors
coefsExtract path coefficients
dataTransTransform variables based on model formula and store in new...
dSepTests of directed separation
dupOutputIdentify duplicate output
evaluateClassesEvaluate model classes and stop if unsupported model class
filterExistingRemove existing paths from the basis set
filterExogenousFilter relationships among exogenous variables from the basis...
filterInteractionsFilter interactions from the d-sep tests
findbars.lmeGet random effects from lme
fisherCSummarize tests of directed separation using Fisher's C...
formatpsemFormat for psem
getAnovaGet ANOVA results
getCoefficientsGet coefficients from linear regression
getDAGGenerate adjacency matrix from list of structural equations
GetDataGet data from model list
GetOLREObtain (observation-level) random effects from a generalized...
getResidModelsIdentify models with correlated errors and return modified...
get_responseGet Response Name as a Character
GetSDxGet standard deviation of predictor variables
GetSDyProperly scale standard deviations depending on the error...
GetSingleDataGet data from one model
GetVarCovGet random effects variance-covariance from lme
grapes-twiddle-twiddle-grapesCorrelated error operator
handleCategoricalCoefsHandles putting categorical variables into coefficient tables...
infCritInformation criterion values for SEM
isSigAssess significance
keeleyData set from Grace & Keeley (2006)
listFormulaRecompute P-values using Kenward-Rogers approximation
meadowsData set from Grace & Jutila (1999)
multigroupMultigroup Analysis for Piecewise SEM
nObsGet number of observations from a model
onlyBarsGet random effects from merMod
partialCorrCalculate partial correlations from partial residuals
partialResidComputing partial effects
piecewiseSEM-packagePiecewise Structural Equation Modeling
plot.psemPlotting of Piecewise Structural Equation Models
print.anova.psemPrint anova
print.attrDo not print attributes with custom functions
print.basisSetPrint basis set
print.multigroup.psemPrint multigroup
print.psemPrint psem
print.summary.psemPrint summary
psemFitting piecewise structural equation models
removeCerrorRemove correlated errors from the basis set
removeDataRemove data from the model list
resid.lmeGet residuals from innermost grouping of mixed models...
residuals.psemResidual values from fit models
reverseAddVarsReplace transformations in the basis set by cycling through...
reverseNonLinIf intermediate endogenous variables are nonlinear, return...
rsquaredR-squared for linear regression
rsquared.glmR^2 for glm objects
rsquared.glmerModR^2 for glmer objects
rsquared.glmmPQLR^2 for glmmPQL objects
rsquared.glsR^2 for gls objects
rsquared.lmR^2 for lm objects
rsquared.lmeR^2 for lme objects
rsquared.merModR^2 for phylolm objects
rsquared.negbinR^2 for negbin objects
scaleGLMCompute standard deviation or relevant range of response for...
scaleIntCalculate standard deviation or relevant range for...
shipleyData set from Shipley (2006)
sortDagSort DAG based on ancestry
specifyDirRemove duplicate items from the basis set whose direction is...
stdCoefsCalculate standardized regression coefficients
stripTransformationsStrip transformations
summary.psemSummarizing piecewise structural equation models
testBasisSetElementsEvaluate conditional independence claim from the basis set
unstdCoefsGet raw (undstandardized) coefficients from model
update.psemUpdate psem model object with additional values.
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