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The 'piecewiseSEM' package


Piecewise structural equation modeling

Fitting and evaluation of piecewise structural equation models, complete with goodness-of-fit tests, estimates of (standardized) path coefficients, and evaluation of individual model fits (e.g., through R-squared values). Compared with traditional variance-covariance based SEM, piecewise SEM allows for fitting of models to different distributions through GLM and/or hierarchical/nested random structures through (G)LMER. Supported model classes include: lm, glm, gls, Sarlm, lme, glmmPQL, lmerMod, merModLmerTest, glmerMod, glmmTMB, gam.

Package: piecewiseSEM
Type: Package
Date: 2024-06-11
Depends: R (>= 4.4.0), car, DiagrammeR, emmeans, igraph, lme4, multcomp, MuMIn, MASS, methods, nlme
License: MIT

The primary functions in the package are psem which unites structural equations in a single model, and summary.psem can be used on an object of class psem to provide various summary statistics for evaluation and interpretation.


Jon Lefcheck <jslefche@gmail.com>


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