Man pages for pkgcache
Cache 'CRAN'-Like Metadata and R Packages

call_with_callbackCall 'func' and then call 'callback' with the result
cmc__async_ensure_cacheLoad the cache, asynchronously, with as little work as...
cmc__load_primary_pkgsLoad metadata from the primary cache's PACKAGES files
cmc__load_primary_rdsLoad the metadata from the primary cache's RDS file
cmc__load_replica_rdsTry to load the package metadata asynchronously, from the...
cmc__update_primaryUpdate the primary cache from the replica cache
cmc__update_replica_pkgsUpdate the PACKAGES files in the replica cache
cmc__update_replica_rdsUpdate the replica RDS from the PACKAGES files
cranlike_metadata_cacheMetadata cache for a CRAN-like repository
def__make_error_objectCreate an error object for a rejected deferred computation
get_cranlike_metadata_cacheThe R6 object that implements the global metadata cache
meta_cache_depsQuery CRAN(like) package data
package_cacheA simple package cache
pkg_cache_apiFunctions to query and manipulate the package cache
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