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Shorthands for dependency specifications





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Supports concise ways of specifying which types of dependencies of a package should be installed. It is similar to how utils::install.packages() interprets its dependencies argument. Possible values for the deps argument are:

If "hard" is included, then it is replaced by the hard dependency types. If "soft" or "all" is included, then it is replaced by all dependency types.

Extra dependencies

pkgdepends supports extra dependency types for direct installations. These are specified with a Config/Needs/ prefix in DESCRIPTION and they can contain package references, separated by commas. For example you can specify packages that are only needed for the pkgdown website of the package:

Config/Needs/website: r-lib/pkgdown


A named list with two character vectors: direct, indirect, the dependency types to use for direct installations and dependent packages.

See Also

Other package dependency utilities: pkg_dep_types_hard()

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