Man pages for plgp
Particle Learning of Gaussian Processes

addpall.GPAdd data to pall
data.GPSupply GP data to PL
draw.GPMetropolis-Hastings draw for GP parameters
exp2d.C2-d Exponential Hessian Data
init.GPInitialize particles for GPs
lpredprob.GPLog-Predictive Probability Calculation for GPs
papplyExtending apply to particles
params.GPExtract parameters from GP particles
PLParticle Learning Skeleton Method
plgp-internalInternal plgp Functions
plgp-packageParticle Learning of Gaussian Processes
pred.GPPrediction for GPs
prior.GPGenerate priors for GP models
propagate.GPPL propagate rule for GPs
rectscaleUn/Scale data in a bounding rectangle
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