plotfunctions: Various Functions to Facilitate Visualization of Data and Analysis

When analyzing data, plots are a helpful tool for visualizing data and interpreting statistical models. This package provides a set of simple tools for building plots incrementally, starting with an empty plot region, and adding bars, data points, regression lines, error bars, gradient legends, density distributions in the margins, and even pictures. The package builds further on R graphics by simply combining functions and settings in order to reduce the amount of code to produce for the user. As a result, the package does not use formula input or special syntax, but can be used in combination with default R plot functions. Note: Most of the functions were part of the package 'itsadug', which is now split in two packages: 1. the package 'itsadug', which contains the core functions for visualizing and evaluating nonlinear regression models, and 2. the package 'plotfunctions', which contains more general plot functions.

AuthorJacolien van Rij [aut, cre]
Date of publication2016-05-27 18:15:05
MaintainerJacolien van Rij <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

add_bars: Adding bars to an existing plot.

addInterval: Draw intervals or arrows on plots.

add_n_points: Add rug to plot, based on model.

alpha: Adjusting the transparency of colors.

alphaPalette: Manipulate the transparency in a palette.

check_normaldist: Compare distribution of data with normal distribution.

color_contour: Creates a contour plot with colored background.

dotplot_error: Utility function

drawArrows: Draw arrows between different plots.

emptyPlot: Utility function

errorBars: Add error bars to a plot.

fill_area: Utility function

findAbsMin: Return the value (or the element with the value) closest to...

find_n_neighbors: Return n neighbors around given indices.

getCoords: Convert proportions into coordinates of the plot or figure...

getDec: Return the number of decimal places.

getFigCoords: Get the figure region as coordinates of the current plot...

getProps: Transform coordinates into proportions of the figure or plot...

getRange: Function for rounding and/or segmenting a range.

gradientLegend: Add a gradient legend to a plot.

group_sort: Sort split by grouping predictor.

legend_margin: Add legend with respect to figure instead of plot region....

list2str: Combine list values as string.

marginDensityPlot: Plot density of distribution in margins of the plot.

move_n_point: Move a vector n elements forward or backward.

plot_error: Utility function

plotfunctions: Package plotfunctions: Various Functions to Facilitate...

plot_image: Add images to plots.

plotsurface: Creates a colored surface plot from data frame input.

se: Calculate standard error of the mean.


add_bars Man page
addInterval Man page
add_n_points Man page
alpha Man page
alphaPalette Man page
check_normaldist Man page
color_contour Man page
dotplot_error Man page
drawArrows Man page
emptyPlot Man page
errorBars Man page
fill_area Man page
findAbsMin Man page
find_n_neighbors Man page
getCoords Man page
getDec Man page
getFigCoords Man page
getProps Man page
getRange Man page
gradientLegend Man page
group_sort Man page
legend_margin Man page
list2str Man page
marginDensityPlot Man page
move_n_point Man page
plot_error Man page
plotfunctions Man page
plotfunctions-package Man page
plot_image Man page
plotsurface Man page
se Man page

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