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Various Functions to Facilitate Visualization of Data and Analysis

add_barsAdding bars to an existing plot.
addIntervalDraw intervals or arrows on plots.
add_n_pointsAdd groups of points to a plot
alphaAdjusting the transparency of colors.
alphaPaletteManipulate the transparency in a palette.
check_normaldistCompare distribution of data with normal distribution.
color_contourCreates a contour plot with colored background.
convertFileReplacing separators (for example, decimal and thousand...
dotplot_errorUtility function
drawDevArrowsDraw arrows between different plots.
emptyPlotUtility function
errorBarsAdd error bars to a plot.
fill_areaUtility function
findAbsMinReturn the value (or the element with the value) closest to...
find_n_neighborsReturn n neighbors around given indices.
firstLetterCapCapitalize first letter of a string.
getArrowPosConverts coordinates in current plot region to device...
getCoordsConvert proportions into coordinates of the plot or figure...
getDecReturn the number of decimal places.
getFigCoordsGet the figure region as coordinates of the current plot...
get_paletteRetrieve the color scheme for contour plots.
getPropsTransform coordinates into proportions of the figure or plot...
getRangeFunction for rounding and/or segmenting a range.
getRatioCoordsMove a vector n elements forward or backward.
gradientLegendAdd a gradient legend to a plot.
group_sortSort split by grouping predictor.
imgImage object.
inch2coordsConvert device position (inch) to coordinates in current plot...
isColorCheck whether color specifications exists.
legend_marginAdd legend with respect to figure instead of plot region....
list2strCombine list values as string.
marginDensityPlotPlot density of distribution in margins of the plot.
move_n_pointMove a vector n elements forward or backward.
orderBoxplotOrder boxplot stats following a given ordering.
plot_errorUtility function
plotfunctionsPackage plotfunctions: Various Functions to Facilitate...
plot_imageAdd images to plots.
plot_signifAreaCreates a colored surface plot from data frame input.
plotsurfaceCreates a colored surface plot from data frame input.
seCalculate standard error of the mean.
sortBoxplotProduce box-and-whisker plot(s) ordered by function such as...
sortGroupsSort groups based on a function such as mean value or...
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