pmml: Generate PMML for Various Models

The Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is an XML-based language which provides a way for applications to define statistical and data mining models and to share models between PMML compliant applications. More information about PMML and the Data Mining Group can be found at http:// The generated PMML can be imported into any PMML consuming application, such as the Zementis ADAPA and UPPI scoring engines which allow for predictive models built in R to be deployed and executed on site, in the cloud (Amazon, IBM, and FICO), in-database (IBM Netezza, Pivotal, Sybase IQ, Teradata and Teradata Aster) or Hadoop (Datameer and Hive).

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AuthorGraham Williams, Tridivesh Jena, Wen Ching Lin, Michael Hahsler (arules), Zementis Inc, Hemant Ishwaran, Udaya B. Kogalur, Rajarshi Guha, Dmitriy Bolotov
Date of publication2017-02-27 10:58:20
MaintainerTridivesh Jena <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2.1)

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Man pages

AddAttributes: adds attribute values to an existing element in a given PMML...

addDDAttributes: adds attribute values to an existing DataField element in a...

addDFChildren: adds 'Interval' and 'Value' child elements to a given...

addLT: adds a LocalTransformations element to a given PMML file.

addMSAttributes: adds attribute values to an existing MiningField element in a...

addOutputField: Add Output nodes to a PMML object.

audit: Artificially constructed dataset

fileToXMLNode: Reads in a file and tries to parse it into an object of type...

functionToPMML: Convert an R expression to PMML.

houseVotes84: Modified 1984 United States Congressional Voting Records...

makeIntervals: Create Interval elements, most likely to add to a...

makeOutputNodes: Add Output nodes to a PMML object.

makeValues: Create Values element, most likely to add to a DataDictionary...

pmml: Generate PMML for R objects

pmml.ada: Generate PMML for ada objects

pmml.arules: Generate PMML for arules objects

pmmlCanExport: Can this installation export PMML variables (particularly...

pmml.coxph: Generate PMML for coxph objects Generate PMML for glmnet objects

pmml.gbm: Generate PMML for genralized boosting tree objects

pmml.glm: Generate PMML for glm objects

pmml.hclust: Generate PMML for hclust objects

pmml.kmeans: Generate PMML for kmeans objects

pmml.ksvm: Generate PMML for ksvm objects

pmml.lm: Generate PMML for lm objects

pmml.multinom: Generate PMML for multinom objects

pmml.naiveBayes: Generate PMML for naiveBayes objects

pmml.neighbr: Generate PMML for a neighbr object from the *neighbr*...

pmml.nnet: Generate PMML for nnet objects

pmml.randomForest: Generate PMML for randomForest objects

pmml.rfsrc: Generate PMML for rsf objects

pmml.rpart: Generate PMML for rpart objects

pmml.svm: Generate PMML for svm objects

pmmltoc: Generate C code from a PMML object - dummy function

pmml.xgb.Booster: Generate PMML for a xgb.Booster object from the xgboost...

savePMML: saves a xml object as an external PMML file.


AddAttributes Man page
addDDAttributes Man page
addDFChildren Man page
addLT Man page
addMSAttributes Man page
addOutputField Man page
audit Man page
fileToXMLNode Man page
functionToPMML Man page
houseVotes84 Man page
makeIntervals Man page
makeOutputNodes Man page
makeValues Man page
pmml Man page
pmml.ada Man page
pmmlCanExport Man page
pmml.coxph Man page Man page
pmml.gbm Man page
pmml.glm Man page
pmml.hclust Man page
pmml.itemsets Man page
pmml.kmeans Man page
pmml.ksvm Man page
pmml.lm Man page
pmml.multinom Man page
pmml.naiveBayes Man page
pmml.neighbr Man page
pmml.nnet Man page
pmml.randomForest Man page
pmml.rfsrc Man page
pmml.rpart Man page
pmml.rules Man page
pmml.svm Man page
pmmltoc Man page
pmml.xgb.Booster Man page
savePMML Man page

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