Man pages for pmml
Generate PMML for Various Models

AddAttributesadds attribute values to an existing element in a given PMML...
addDDAttributesadds attribute values to an existing DataField element in a...
addDFChildrenadds 'Interval' and 'Value' child elements to a given...
addLTadds a LocalTransformations element to a given PMML file.
addMSAttributesadds attribute values to an existing MiningField element in a...
addOutputFieldAdd Output nodes to a PMML object.
auditArtificially constructed dataset
fileToXMLNodeReads in a file and tries to parse it into an object of type...
functionToPMMLConvert an R expression to PMML.
houseVotes84Modified 1984 United States Congressional Voting Records...
makeIntervalsCreate Interval elements, most likely to add to a...
makeOutputNodesAdd Output nodes to a PMML object.
makeValuesCreate Values element, most likely to add to a DataDictionary...
pmmlGenerate PMML for R objects
pmml.adaGenerate PMML for ada objects
pmml.arulesGenerate PMML for arules objects
pmmlCanExportCan this installation export PMML variables (particularly...
pmml.coxphGenerate PMML for coxph objects PMML for glmnet objects
pmml.gbmGenerate PMML for genralized boosting tree objects
pmml.glmGenerate PMML for glm objects
pmml.hclustGenerate PMML for hclust objects
pmml.kmeansGenerate PMML for kmeans objects
pmml.ksvmGenerate PMML for ksvm objects
pmml.lmGenerate PMML for lm objects
pmml.multinomGenerate PMML for multinom objects
pmml.naiveBayesGenerate PMML for naiveBayes objects
pmml.neighbrGenerate PMML for a neighbr object from the *neighbr*...
pmml.nnetGenerate PMML for nnet objects
pmml.randomForestGenerate PMML for randomForest objects
pmml.rfsrcGenerate PMML for rfsrc objects
pmml.rpartGenerate PMML for rpart objects
pmml.svmGenerate PMML for svm objects
pmmltocGenerate C code from a PMML object - dummy function
pmml.xgb.BoosterGenerate PMML for a xgb.Booster object from the xgboost...
savePMMLsaves a xml object as an external PMML file.
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