Man pages for polmineR
Verbs and Nouns for Corpus Analysis

all_cooccurrencesGet all cooccurrences in corpus/partition.
all-cooccurrences-classCooccurrences class for corpus/partition.
annotationsAnnotation functionality
as.DocumentTermMatrixGenerate TermDocumentMatrix / DocumentTermMatrix.
as.markdownGet markdown-formatted full text of a partition.
as.sparseMatrixType conversion - get sparseMatrix.
as.speechesSplit corpus or partition into speeches.
as.VCorpusGet VCorpus.
blapplyapply a function over a list or bundle
bundleBundle Class
capitalizeCapitalize character vector.
chisquare-methodPerform chisquare-text.
context_bundle-classS4 context_bundle class
context-classContext class.
context-methodAnalyze context of a node word.
cooccurrencesGet cooccurrence statistics.
cooccurrences-classCooccurrences class.
corpus-classCorpus class initialization
corpus_methodsCorpus class methods
count_classCount class.
count-methodGet counts.
cpos-methodGet corpus positions for a query or queries.
cqpTools for CQP queries.
decodeDecode corpus or subcorpus.
dispersion-methodDispersion of a query or multiple queries.
encodingGet and set encoding.
encodingsConversion between corpus and native encoding.
enrich-methodEnrich an object.
featuresGet features by comparison.
features-classFeature selection by comparison.
get_token_stream-methodGet Token Stream.
get_typeGet corpus/partition type.
highlightHighlight tokens in text output.
hitsGet hits for query
hits_classS4 class to represent hits for queries.
href-functionAdd hypertext reference to html document.
html-methodGenerate html from object.
is_nestedCheck whether s-attributes of corpus are nested
kwicPerform keyword-in-context (KWIC) analysis.
kwic-classS4 kwic class
llCompute Log-likelihood Statistics.
means-methodcalculate means
ngramsGet N-Grams
ngrams_classNgrams class.
noisedetect noise
ocpu_execExecute code on OpenCPU server
partitionInitialize a partition.
partition_bundle-classBundle of partitions (partition_bundle class).
partition_bundle-methodGenerate bundle of partitions.
partition_classPartition class and methods.
partition_to_stringDecode as String.
p_attributesGet p-attributes.
phrases-classManage and use phrases
pmiCalculate Pointwise Mutual Information (PMI).
polmineR-defunctDefunct functionality
polmineR-genericsGeneric methods defined in the polmineR package
rangesGet ranges for query.
ranges_classRanges of query matches.
read-methodDisplay full text.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
regions_classRegions of a CWB corpus.
registryGet registry and data directories.
registry_evalEvaluate registry file.
registry_resetReset registry directory.
renamedRenamed Functions
s_attributes-methodGet s-attributes.
size-methodGet Number of Tokens.
sliceVirtual class slice.
subcorpus_bundleBundled subcorpora
subcorpus-classThe S4 subcorpus class.
subsetSubsetting corpora and subcorpora
templatesGet template for formatting full text output.
termsGet terms in 'partition' or 'corpus'.
textstat-classS4 textstat superclass.
tooltipsAdd tooltips to text output.
tree_structureShow the structure of s-attributes
trim-methodTrim an object.
t_testPerform t-test.
useAdd corpora in R data packages to session registry.
viewInspect object using View().
weigh-methodApply Weight to Matrix
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