as.VCorpus: Get VCorpus.

as.VCorpusR Documentation

Get VCorpus.


Retrieve full text for the subcorpora orpartition objects in a subcorpus_bundle or partition_bundle and generate a VCorpus-class object from the tm-package.


## S4 method for signature 'partition_bundle'



A partition_bundle object.


The VCorpus class of the tm-package offers an interface to access the functionality of the tm-package. Note however that generating a VCorpus to get a DocumentTermMatrix, or a TermDocumentMatrix is a highly inefficient detour. Applying the as.DocumentTermMatrix or as.TermDocumentMatrix methods on a partition_bundle is the recommended approach.

If the tm-package has been loaded, the as.VCorpus-method included in the polmineR-package may become inaccessible. To deal with this (propable) scenario, it is possible to use a coerce-method (as(YOUROBJECT, "VCorpus")), see examples.


pb <- partition("GERMAPARLMINI", date = "2009-11-10") %>%
  partition_bundle(s_attribute = "speaker")
vc <- as.VCorpus(pb) # works only, if tm-package has not yet been loaded
vc <- as(pb, "VCorpus") # will work if tm-package has been loaded, too

use(pkg = "RcppCWB", corpus = "REUTERS")
vc <- corpus("REUTERS") %>% split(s_attribute = "id") %>% as("VCorpus")

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