Man pages for prabclus
Functions for Clustering and Testing of Presence-Absence, Abundance and Multilocus Genetic Data

abundtestParametric bootstrap test for clustering in abundance...
allele2zerooneConverts alleleobject into binary matrix
alleleconvertFormat conversion for codominant marker data
alleledistShared allele distance for diploid loci
alleleinitDiploid loci matrix initialization
allelepaircompInternal: compares two pairs of alleles
autoconstSpatial autocorrelation parameter estimation
build.charmatrixInternal: create character matrix out of allele list
build.ext.nblistInternal: generates neighborhood list for diploid loci
build.nblistGenerate spatial weights from prabclus neighborhood list
cluspop.nbSimulation of presence-absence matrices (clustered)
communitiesConstruct communities from individuals
communitydistDistances between communities
comp.testCompare species clustering and species groups
concompConnectivity components of an undirected graph
conregmatConnected regions per species
coord2distGeographical coordinates to distances
crmatrixRegion-wise cluster membership
dicedistDice distance matrix
distratioDistance ratio test statistics for distance based clustering
gecogeco distance matrix
geo2neighborNeighborhood list from geographical distance
homogen.testClassical distance-based test for homogeneity against...
hprabclustClustering of species ranges from presence-absence matrices...
incmatrixNestedness matrix
jaccardJaccard distance matrix
kulczynskiKulczynski distance matrix
kykladspecregSnail presence-absence data from Aegean sea
lcomponentLargest connectivity component
lociplotsVisualises clusters of markers vs. species
nastatsMissing values statistics for matrix
nbNeighborhood list for Aegean islands
nbtestTest of neighborhood list
nnMean distance to kth nearest neighbor
NNcleanNearest neighbor based clutter/noise detection
phiptDistances between communities, auxiliary functions
piecewiselinPiecewise linear transformation for distance matrices
plotdistregPlots for within-groups and between-groups distance...
pop.simp-value simulation for presence-absence matrices clustering...
prabclus-packageprabclus package overview
prabclustClustering for biotic elements or for species delimitation...
prabinitPresence-absence/abundance matrix initialization
prab.sarestimateEstimates SAR model from log-abundance matrix of prab-object.
prabtestParametric bootstrap test for clustering in presence-absence...
qkulczynskiQuantitative Kulczynski distance matrix
randpop.nbSimulation of presence-absence matrices (non-clustered)
regdistRegression between subsets of dissimilarity matrices
regdistbetweenTesting equality of within-groups and between-groups...
regdistbetweenoneTesting equality of one within-group and between-two groups...
regdistdiffRegression difference between within-group dissimilarities
regdistdiffoneRegression difference within reference group and...
regeqdistTesting equality of two distance-regressions
regpop.sarSimulation of abundance matrices (non-clustered)
siskiyouHerbs of the Siskiyou Mountains
specgroupsAverage within-group distances for given groups
stressvalsStress values for different dimensions of Kruskal's MDS
tetragonulaMicrosatellite genetic data of Tetragonula bees
toprabConvert abundance matrix into presence/absence matrix
unbuild.charmatrixInternal: create allele list out of character matrix
veronicaGenetic AFLP data of Veronica plants
waterdistOverwater distances between islands in the Aegean sea
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