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Prediction Rule Ensembles

bsnullinteractCompute bootstrapped null interaction prediction rule...
caret_pre_modelModel set up for train function of package caret
carrilloData on personality characteristics and depressive symptom...
coef.gpeCoefficients for a General Prediction Ensemble (gpe)
coef.preCoefficients for the final prediction rule ensemble
corplotPlot correlations between baselearners in a prediction rule...
cvpreFull k-fold cross validation of a prediction rule ensemble...
explainExplain predictions from final prediction rule ensemble
gpeDerive a General Prediction Ensemble (gpe)
gpe_cv.glmnetDefault penalized trainer for gpe
gpe_rules_preGet rule learner for gpe which mimics behavior of pre
gpe_sampleSampling Function Generator for gpe
gpe_treesLearner Functions Generators for gpe
importanceCalculate importances of baselearners and input variables in...
interactCalculate interaction statistics for variables in a...
maxdepth_samplerSampling function generator for specifying varying maximum...
pairplotCreate partial dependence plot for a pair of predictor...
plot.prePlot method for class pre
preDerive a prediction rule ensemble
predict.gpePredicted values based on gpe ensemble
predict.prePredicted values based on final prediction rule ensemble
print.gpePrint a General Prediction Ensemble (gpe)
print.prePrint method for objects of class pre
rTermWrapper Functions for terms in gpe
singleplotCreate partial dependence plot for a single variable in a...
summary.gpeSummary method for a General Prediction Ensemble (gpe)
summary.preSummary method for objects of class pre
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