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Print a General Prediction Ensemble (gpe)


Print a General Prediction Ensemble (gpe)


## S3 method for class 'gpe'
print(x, penalty.par.val = "lambda.1se", digits = getOption("digits"), ...)



An object of class gpe.


character or numeric. Value of the penalty parameter λ to be employed for selecting the final ensemble. The default "lambda.min" employs the λ value within 1 standard error of the minimum cross-validated error. Alternatively, "lambda.min" may be specified, to employ the λ value with minimum cross-validated error, or a numeric value >0 may be specified, with higher values yielding a sparser ensemble. To evaluate the trade-off between accuracy and sparsity of the final ensemble, inspect pre_object$ and plot(pre_object$


Number of decimal places to print


Further arguments to be passed to

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