Man pages for preseqR
Predicting Species Accumulation Curves

bbc.rSACBBC estimator
cs.rSACCS estimator
DickensDickens' vocabulary
ds.rSACRFA estimator
ds.rSAC.bootsrapRFA estimator with bootstrap
fisher.alphaParameter alpha in the logseries estimator
FisherButterflyFisher's butterfly data
fisher.rSACLogseries estimator
kmer.frac.curveFraction of k-mers observed at least r times
kmer.frac.curve.bootstrapFraction of k-mers observed at least r times with bootstrap
preseqR.optimal.sequencingOptimal amount of sequencing for scWGS
preseqR.packagePredicting r-species accumulation curves
preseqR.rSACBest practice for r-SAC - a fast version
preseqR.rSAC.bootstrapBest practice for r-SAC
preseqR.rSAC.sequencing.rmdupPredicting r-SAC in WES/WGS
preseqR.sample.covPredicting generalized sample coverage
preseqR.sample.cov.bootstrapPredicting generalized sample coverage with bootstrap
preseqR.ztnb.emFitting a zero-truncated negative binomial distribution
ShakespeareShakespeare's word type frequencies
SRR061157_k31k-mer counts of a metagenomic data
SRR1301329_1M_baseCoverage histogram of a WES data
SRR1301329_1M_readRead counts of a WES data
SRR1301329_baseCoverage histogram of a WES data
SRR1301329_readRead counts of a WES data
SRR611492Coverage histogram of a scWGS data
SRR611492_5MCoverage histogram of a scWGS data
TwitterSocial network
WillButterflyFisher's butterfly data
ztnb.rSACZTNB estimator
ztp.rSACZTP estimator
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