RStudio addins to prettify JavaScript / HTML / CSS / Markdown / C++ and more.

JavaScript example:

The Markdown prettifier also prettifies the code blocks:


The 'shiny' addins are the ones you can see on the above GIFs. The other ones are not interactive. The 'Prettify C/C++/Java' addin requires clang-format (it is possible to reindent C/C++/Java (and more) with the 'Indent (shiny)' addin).

Moreover, this version exports the functions used to prettify/reindent. For example:

code <- c(
  "function f(x){",
  "return x+1",
cat(prettify_V8(code, "javascript"))


function f(x) {
  return x + 1;

Copies of license agreements

The 'prettifyAddins' package as a whole is distributed under GPL-3 (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3).

It includes other open source software components:

Full copies of the license agreements used by these components are included in the file LICENSE.note.

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