reindent_Shiny: Reindent code using Shiny

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Reindent some code using a Shiny app.


reindent_Shiny(contents = NA, language = NA, tabSize = NULL, themeInfo = NULL)



the code to be reindented; there are three possibilities for this argument: NA (default), to use the file currently opened in RStudio; the path to a file; or the code given as a character vector


the language of the code, such as "javascript"; see getPrettifiableLanguages; if the contents are read from a file and language=NA, then the language is guessed from the file extension


number of spaces of the indentation (usually 2 or 4); if NULL (the default), there are two possibilities: if the contents are read from the current file in RStudio, then the number of spaces will be the one you use in RStudio; otherwise it is set to 2


this argument is not important, it controls the theme of the Shiny app; it must be NULL or a list with two fields: editor, the name of a theme, and dark, a logical value, which tells whether the theme is dark


The reindented code in a character string.

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