color_brackets: Colored brackets

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Add color to brackets. Brackets will be coloured consecutively with the colors provided in color_seq by scope.


color_brackets(x, color_seq = list(yellow, blue, cyan))



a character vector of brackets consisting of a valid sequence of any of the following: '[[', '[', ']', '(', ')', '{', '}'


a list of functions that take and return a character scalar


Meant for coloring brackets encountered within highlight. Note that occurrences of 'orphan' brackets are not taken into account mainly due to the fact that cases such as

foo <- function(x){ `[`(x, 1) }

will either be converted to

foo <- function(x){ x[1]}

before the brackets are coloured if passed in as highlight(deparse(foo)) or will be identified as a 'SYMBOL_FUNCTION_CALL' token instead of 'LBB' if passed in as

highlight("foo <- function(x){ `[`(x, 1) }")

Similarly, invalid code that would lead to orphaned brackets is not taken into account as this would be caught before hand in highlight.

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