primer: Functions and data for A Primer of Ecology with R

Functions are primarily functions for systems of ordinary differential equations, difference equations, and eigenanalysis and projection of demographic matrices; data are for examples.

AuthorM Henry H Stevens
Date of publication2012-05-16 11:49:09
MaintainerHank Stevens <>

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Man pages

BSsucc: Secondary succession data

CandG: Data drawn approximately from Collins and Glenn (1991)

chesson: Two-species model of the storage effect

clogistic: Continuous Logistic Growth

ClostExp: Closterium Population Data

compcol: Two-species Competition-colonization Metapopulation Model

compcolM: Multi-species Competition-colonization Model, With Habitat...

DemoBoot: Demographic Resampling Function

DemoInfo: Demographic Analyses

dlogistic: Discrete Logistic Growth

dlvcomp2: Discrete Logistic Competition

fruitdat: Chamaedorea Palm Fruit Data Set

gotelli: Propagule Rain Metapopulation Model

hanski: Core-satellite Metapopulation Model

igp: A Lotka-Volterra Model of Intraguild Predation

lande: A Metapopulation Model with Habitat Destruction

levins: Classic Metapopulation Model

lvcomp2: Two Species Lotka-Volterra Competition

lvcomp3: Three Species Lotka-Volterra Competition

lvcompg: A General Lotka-Volterra Competition Model

LVCompGames: Lotka-Volterra Competition Games

MetaSim: Simulation of Stochastic Metapopulation Models

moths: Moth Species Richness

pimmlawton: Analysis of Jacobian Lotka-Volterra Food Web Matrices

PopSim: Population Simulator

predpreyLV: The Lotka-Volterra Predator-prey Model

predpreyRM: Rosenzweig-MacArthur Predator-prey Model

primer-package: Functions and data for "A Primer of Ecology with R"

ProjMat: Palm Data Resampling

ross: Weekly deaths from bubonic plague in Bombay in 1905-06

scheffer: A resource-based model of alternative stable states

seeddat: Chamaedorea Palm Seed Data Set

SIR: The S-I-R Epidemilogical Disease Model

SIRbd: The S-I-R Epidemilogical Disease Model with Births and Deaths

SIRf: The S-I-R Epidemilogical Disease Model with Frequency...

sparrows: Song Sparrow Data Set

stagedat: Chamaedorea Palm Vegetative Stage Data Set

succniche: A Four-state model of Successional Dynamics

thetalogistic: Continuous Theta-Logistic Growth

weeds: Percent cover of six perennial herbaceous plants


BSsucc Man page
CandG Man page
chesson Man page
clogistic Man page
ClostExp Man page
compcol Man page
compcolM Man page
DemoBoot Man page
DemoInfo Man page
dlogistic Man page
dlvcomp2 Man page
fruitdat Man page
gotelli Man page
hanski Man page
igp Man page
lande Man page
levins Man page
lvcomp2 Man page
lvcomp3 Man page
lvcompg Man page
LVCompGames Man page
MetaSim Man page
moths Man page
pimmlawton Man page
PopSim Man page
predpreyLV Man page
predpreyRM Man page
primer Man page
primer-package Man page
ProjMat Man page
ross Man page
scheffer Man page
seeddat Man page
SIR Man page
SIRbd Man page
SIRf Man page
sparrows Man page
stagedat Man page
succniche Man page
thetalogistic Man page
weeds Man page


primer/R/thetalogistic.R primer/R/succniche.R primer/R/SIRf.R primer/R/SIRbd.R primer/R/SIR.R primer/R/scheffer.R primer/R/ProjMat.R primer/R/predpreyRM.R primer/R/predpreyLV.R primer/R/PopSim.R primer/R/pimmlawton.R primer/R/MetaSim.R primer/R/LVCompGames.R primer/R/lvcompg.R primer/R/lvcomp3.R primer/R/lvcomp2.R primer/R/levins.R primer/R/lande.R primer/R/igp.R primer/R/hanski.R primer/R/gotelli.R primer/R/dlvcomp2.R primer/R/dlogistic.R primer/R/DemoInfo.R primer/R/DemoBoot.R primer/R/compcolM.R primer/R/compcol.R primer/R/clogistic.R primer/R/chesson.R
primer/man/weeds.Rd primer/man/thetalogistic.Rd primer/man/succniche.Rd primer/man/stagedat.Rd primer/man/sparrows.Rd primer/man/SIRf.Rd primer/man/SIRbd.Rd primer/man/SIR.Rd primer/man/seeddat.Rd primer/man/scheffer.Rd primer/man/ross.Rd primer/man/ProjMat.Rd primer/man/primer-package.Rd primer/man/predpreyRM.Rd primer/man/predpreyLV.Rd primer/man/PopSim.Rd primer/man/pimmlawton.Rd primer/man/moths.Rd primer/man/MetaSim.Rd primer/man/LVCompGames.Rd primer/man/lvcompg.Rd primer/man/lvcomp3.Rd primer/man/lvcomp2.Rd primer/man/levins.Rd primer/man/lande.Rd primer/man/igp.Rd primer/man/hanski.Rd primer/man/gotelli.Rd primer/man/fruitdat.Rd primer/man/dlvcomp2.Rd primer/man/dlogistic.Rd primer/man/DemoInfo.Rd primer/man/DemoBoot.Rd primer/man/compcolM.Rd primer/man/compcol.Rd primer/man/ClostExp.Rd primer/man/clogistic.Rd primer/man/chesson.Rd primer/man/CandG.Rd primer/man/BSsucc.Rd

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