Man pages for primer
Functions and data for A Primer of Ecology with R

BSsuccSecondary succession data
CandGData drawn approximately from Collins and Glenn (1991)
chessonTwo-species model of the storage effect
clogisticContinuous Logistic Growth
ClostExpClosterium Population Data
compcolTwo-species Competition-colonization Metapopulation Model
compcolMMulti-species Competition-colonization Model, With Habitat...
DemoBootDemographic Resampling Function
DemoInfoDemographic Analyses
dlogisticDiscrete Logistic Growth
dlvcomp2Discrete Logistic Competition
fruitdatChamaedorea Palm Fruit Data Set
gotelliPropagule Rain Metapopulation Model
hanskiCore-satellite Metapopulation Model
igpA Lotka-Volterra Model of Intraguild Predation
landeA Metapopulation Model with Habitat Destruction
levinsClassic Metapopulation Model
lvcomp2Two Species Lotka-Volterra Competition
lvcomp3Three Species Lotka-Volterra Competition
lvcompgA General Lotka-Volterra Competition Model
LVCompGamesLotka-Volterra Competition Games
MetaSimSimulation of Stochastic Metapopulation Models
mothsMoth Species Richness
pimmlawtonAnalysis of Jacobian Lotka-Volterra Food Web Matrices
PopSimPopulation Simulator
predpreyLVThe Lotka-Volterra Predator-prey Model
predpreyRMRosenzweig-MacArthur Predator-prey Model
primer-packageFunctions and data for "A Primer of Ecology with R"
ProjMatPalm Data Resampling
rossWeekly deaths from bubonic plague in Bombay in 1905-06
schefferA resource-based model of alternative stable states
seeddatChamaedorea Palm Seed Data Set
SIRThe S-I-R Epidemilogical Disease Model
SIRbdThe S-I-R Epidemilogical Disease Model with Births and Deaths
SIRfThe S-I-R Epidemilogical Disease Model with Frequency...
sparrowsSong Sparrow Data Set
stagedatChamaedorea Palm Vegetative Stage Data Set
succnicheA Four-state model of Successional Dynamics
thetalogisticContinuous Theta-Logistic Growth
weedsPercent cover of six perennial herbaceous plants
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