Man pages for projmgr
Task Tracking and Project Management with GitHub

browse_docsView GitHub API documentation
browse_issuesBrowse issues for given GitHub repo
browse_milestonesBrowse milestones for given GitHub repo
browse_repoBrowse a given GitHub repo
check_credentialsCheck for valid credentials and repo permissions
check_internetCheck internet connection (re-export of curl::has_internet())
check_rate_limitFind requests remaining and reset time
create_repo_refCreate reference to a GitHub repository
get_engineCore code for all GET calls
get_issue_commentsGet comments for a specific issue from GitHub repository
get_issue_eventsGet events for a specific issue from GitHub repository
get_issuesGet issues from GitHub repository
get_milestonesGet milestones from GitHub repository
get_repo_labelsGet all labels for a repository
helpLearn about optional fields for related get_ functions
listcol_extractExtract new dataframe column from list-column matching...
listcol_filterFilter dataframe by list-column elements
listcol_pivotPivot list-column elements to indicator variables
parse_issue_commentsParse issue comments from 'get_issues_comments'
parse_issue_eventsParse issue events from 'get_issues_events'
parse_issuesParse issues overview from 'get_issues'
parse_milestonesParse milestones from 'get_milestones'
parse_repo_labelsParse labels from 'get_repo_labels'
patch_engineCore code for all PATCH calls
pipePipe operator
post_engineCore code for all POST calls
post_issuePost issue to GitHub repository
post_milestonePost milestone to GitHub repository
post_planPost plan (milestones + issues) to GitHub repository
post_todoPost to-do list (issues) to GitHub repository
projmgr'projmgr' package
read_planRead plan from YAML
read_todoRead to-do list from YAML
report_discussionPrint issue comments in RMarkdown friendly way
report_planPrint plan in RMarkdown friendly way
report_progressPrint issue-milestone progress in RMarkdown friendly way
report_taskboardReport HTML-based task board of item status
report_todoPrint to-do lists in RMarkdown friendly way
taskboard_helpersTag "in-progress" items for taskboard visualization
template_yamlPrint YAML template to console
validate_inputsValidate that all user-defined inputs (GET query, POST body,...
viz_ganttVisualize Gantt-style chart of planned or actual time to...
viz_taskboardVisualize Agile-style task board of item status
viz_waterfallVisualize waterfall of opened, closed, and pending items over...
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