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Print issue comments in RMarkdown friendly way


Interprets dataframe or tibble of issues by breaking apart milestones and listing each issue title as open or closed, and uses HTML to format results in a highly readable and attractive way. Resulting object returned is a character vector of HTML code with the added class of 'knit_asis' so that when included in an RMarkdown document knitting to HTML, the results will be correctly rendered as HTML.


report_discussion(comments, issue = NA, link_url = TRUE)



Dataframe or tibble of comments for a single issue, as returned by get_issue_comments()


Optional dataframe or tibble of issues, as returned by get_issues(). If provided, output includes issue-level data such as the title, initial description, creation date, etc.


Boolean. Whether or not to provide link to each item, as provided by url column in dataset


HTML output is wrapped in a ⁠<div>⁠ of class 'report_disccusion' for custom CSS styling.


Returns character string of HTML with class attribute to be correctly shown "as-is" in RMarkdown

See Also

Other issues: get_issue_comments(), get_issue_events(), get_issues(), parse_issue_comments(), parse_issue_events(), parse_issues(), post_issue_update(), post_issue(), report_progress(), viz_waterfall()

Other comments: get_issue_comments(), parse_issue_comments()


## Not run: 
# the following could be run in RMarkdown
repo <- create_repo_ref("emilyriederer", "projmgr")
issue <- get_issues(repo, number = 15)
issue_df <- parse_issues(issue)
comments <- get_issue_comments(repo, number = 15)
comments_df <- parse_issue_comments(comments)
report_discussion(issue_df, comments_df)

## End(Not run)

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