Man pages for pryr
Tools for Computing on the Language

as.envlistConvert a list of environments to an 'envlist' object.
assign-activeCreate an active binding.
assign-constantCreate a constant (locked) binding.
assign-delayedCreate an delayed binding.
bytesPrint the byte-wise representation of a value
call_treeDisplay a call (or expression) as a tree.
composeCompose multiple functions
dotsCapture unevaluated dots.
enclosing_envFind the environment that encloses of a function.
explicitTools for making promises explicit
fA compact syntax for anonymous functions.
fgetFind a function with specified name.
find_funsFind functions matching criteria.
find_usesFind all functions in that call supplied functions.
ftypeDetermine function type.
inspectInspect internal attributes of R objects.
is_active_bindingActive binding info
is_promisePromise info
is_s3_genericDetermine if a function is an S3 generic or S3 method.
make_callMake and evaluate calls.
make_functionMake a function from its components.
mem_changeDetermine change in memory from running code
mem_usedHow much memory is currently used by R?
method_from_callGiven a function class, find correspoding S4 method
modify_callModify the arguments of a call.
modify_langRecursively modify a language object
names_cExtract function table from names.c from R subversion...
object_sizeCompute the size of an object.
otypeDetermine object type.
parent_promiseFind the parent (first) promise.
parenvGet parent/ancestor environment
parenvsGiven an environment or object, return an 'envlist' of its...
partialPartial apply a function, filling in some arguments.
print.envlistPrint an 'envlist'
rebindRebind an existing name.
rlsRecursive ls.
show_c_sourceFind C source code for internal R functions
standardise_callStandardise a function call
subsA version of substitute that works in the global environment.
substitute_qA version of substitute that evaluates its first argument.
track_copyTrack if an object is copied
unencloseUnenclose a closure.
unevalCapture the call associated with a promise.
whereFind where a name is defined.
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