make_call: Make and evaluate calls.

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make_callR Documentation

Make and evaluate calls.


Make and evaluate calls.


make_call(f, ..., .args = list())

do_call(f, ..., .args = list(), .env = parent.frame())



Function to call. For make_call, either a string, a symbol or a quoted call. For do_call, a bare function name or call.

..., .args

Arguments to the call either in or out of a list


Environment in which to evaluate call. Defaults to parent frame.


# f can either be a string, a symbol or a call
make_call("f", a = 1)
make_call(quote(f), a = 1)
make_call(quote(f()), a = 1)

#' Can supply arguments individual or in a list
make_call(quote(f), a = 1, b = 2)
make_call(quote(f), list(a = 1, b = 2))

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