Man pages for pseval
Methods for Evaluating Principal Surrogates of Treatment Response

add_bootstrapBootstrap resampling parameters
add_estimateEstimate parameters
add_integrationIntegration models
add_riskmodelAdd risk model to a psdesign object
calc_riskCalculate the risk and functions of the risk
calc_STGCalculate the Standardized total gain
empirical_TECompute the empirical Treatment Efficacy
empirical_VECompute the empirical Treatment Efficacy
expand_augdataExpand augmented data using the integration function
generate_example_dataGenerate sample data used for testing
integrate_bivnormBivariate normal integration models for the missing S(1)
integrate_nonparametricNonparametric integration model for the missing S(1)
integrate_parametricParametric integration model for the missing S(1)
integrate_semiparametricSemiparametric integration model using the location-scale...
plot.psdesignPlot summary statistics for a psdesign object
plus-.psModify a psdesign object by adding on new components.
print.psdesignConcisely print information about a psdesign object
ps_bootstrapEstimate parameters from a specified model using bootstrap...
psdesignSpecify a design for a principal surrogate evaluation
ps_estimateEstimate parameters from a specified model using estimated...
pseudo_scoreEstimate parameters from a specified model using pseudo-score
risk_binaryRisk model for binary outcome
riskcalcCalculate risks with handlers for survival data
risk_continuousRisk model for continuous outcome
risk_exponentialExponential risk model for time to event outcome
risk.logitLogit link function
risk_poissonPoisson risk model for count outcomes
risk.probitProbit link function
risk_weibullWeibull risk model for time to event outcome
sp_locscaleFit the semi-parametric location-scale model
stgCompute the standardized total gain
summarize_bsSummarize bootstrap samples
summary.psdesignSummary method for psdesign objects
TETreatment efficacy contrast functions
verify_trtCheck that a variable is suitable for using as binary...
wem_testTest for wide effect modification
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